butterfly in the sky

Our butterfly project was so much fun. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids!!

Fresh parsley from the garden. You can see that the caterpillars look different. The small one in the center has not lost it’s skin yet. They shed it and then they look like the larger ones!
Caterpillar poo-poo and the large green wet spot is the undigested food that they void before they become catalyst. I cleaned the cage daily because they poop a lot!!
They have a little silk sling that they make for themselves to hang on. Their color fades too. They were in this state for about 24-48 hours.
One of our green catalyst. They stayed in their cozy home for a week. Easy pet!!
I saw this one fall out of the catalyst while I was on the phone. It was the closest I got to seeing one actually “birthed”
It’s so amazing!
Releasing the butterfly back on the parsley plant. Hoping that they will come back and lay more eggs.
And the circle of life continues. Can you spot the another caterpillar?

Here are some pictures of us having fun learning about caterpillars and their metamorphosis.

We’ve seen some butterflies flying around and I’m hoping that they are some of ours! Danny and I were amazed at the butterflies’ process and that they live for such a short time. Only 3 to 4 days. It makes me think of this verse:

What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. James 4.14

Can’t wait to do this again!

xo, nikki :)


The Maternal Lens 3.24.2012



Bonus: Marseille told Bentley to go get the Dr. kit because Mater needed help. They were counting how many shots he was going to need ;)


xo, nikki ;)

The Maternal Lens 3.16-23.2012

Catching up on posting my pictures!! This month is flying by!

3.16.2012 – YOU –  I’m enjoying some yoga!

3.17.2012 – something GREEN – Bentley’s St. Patrick’s Day craft

3.18.2012- book – my bedside book stash.

3.19.2012 – office supply- I think the rubber bands get the most use.

3.20.2012 – flower -first day of spring… first day of seasonal allergies!

3.21.2012 – living room – not sure where we live more… at the dinner table or in the living room!

3.22.2012 – neighborhood – I love our neighborhood!

3.23.2012 – something sweet – there is nothing sweeter than the laughter of children!

xo, nikki :)

The Maternal Lens 3.8.2012

Dream – “I getting married, Mom!”

Bentley said, “I’m going to marry you, Marseille!” and gave her a big kiss! I have never told them anything about this! I had the tulle out to make a veil and they made up the rest! It’s innate, I guess.

xo, nikki

The Maternal Lens

For the month of March, The Maternal Lens is having a photo challenge. I just have a point and shoot and have no time to edit, nor a good program to edit in, but I thought it would be fun! I love my point and shoot camera, though it will never look as good as edited photos, I am content with that. I just saw this quote on Pinterest.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough

That is how I feel about cameras and my photos. I will most likely never have a really nice SLR or Photoshop, and it’s okay, because I have a camera and it’s a great camera! Now I am rambling, so back to The Maternal Lens!

Here are my pictures for the pictures so far:

3.1.12 – Something that makes you smile — She makes me smile!

3.2.12 – Water – Grateful for running water with all the dishes we do!

3.3.12 – Black and White – Beads from the vase I cleaned out.

3.4.12 – Tree – It was a beautiful windy day.

3.5.12- Something you love — I love how he dressed himself.

I have had a blast carrying my camera around everywhere trying to get some great shots!! Looking forward to keeping up with the challenge!

xo, nikki :)