We had a wonderful weekend enjoying our risen Savior and his creation! Besides spring springing, other things have sprung too!!

Marseille had been looking forward to holding baby A
pass by biltmore
We did a quick drive by the Biltmore house.
playing on grounds
Playing games at the Biltmore Village and farm
Spring has sprung! I love the colors of these tulips!
Bentley loving the tractor
Bentley loving the tractor
Marseille was equally excited!
Marseille was equally excited!
good ole family picture
Family shot!
Bentley and his friend D looking dapper!
Bentley and his friend D looking dapper!
Easter dessert! Hazelnut-Mocha Meringue Cake... it was wonderful!
Easter dessert! Hazelnut-Mocha Meringue Cake… it was wonderful!
Marseille's second hair cut
Marseille’s second hair cut
She likes it!
She likes it!

Danny’s aunt passed away on Friday, which was very hard on several accounts. Mostly, because she is gone, but also because for about the past two months I have been planning a HUGE surprise for Danny. HUGE. Well I had to spring my secret early due to funeral plans. Ugh. Doesn’t that sound horrible?! But it was reality. When Danny told me that he was going to put in for time off even though we didn’t know the exact day of the funeral. I had to reveal that I had called his work and took time off for him next week (this week). Then I slipped and said we are going on an airplane so this is something that we really can’t change. Danny was shocked. He was so surprised and excited! I knew that night I was going to have to tell him everything because he would be unbearable… guessing and hinting. So when he walked through the door, that evening I told him that we were going to NYC to attend a conference for parents and care givers of children with ARPKD. He was amazed and excited. I was very excited and relieved to not hide my excitement anymore! He has never been to NYC before and the conference ends on Sunday, which happens to be his birthday!

So, there is the long and short of it! This Thursday, we are headed to NYC to learn more about ARPKD and CHF and to do lots of networking…. plus see NYC!!! Please pray that it would be a great time and that we would learn lots and make connections plus that the weather would be good also safe travels. Thank you so much!!

Besides the death of Danny’s aunt, we had a WONDERFUL weekend! We visited the Biltmore, had Easter service with our church family, lunch with friends that in our eyes are family and Marseille and I got haircuts! There was much talking, laughing and silliness. I imagine one day, we will be doing lots of that with our Savior! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins and victoriously rising again to bring us back to God! I hope that all of you enjoyed your weekend too!!

xo, nikki :)

ps- Could you also pray for Danny’s family, his Aunt’s memorial and burial is this Tuesday and Wednesday? Thanks again!!