A New Challenge

In light of Valentine’s Day, my friends at The Romantic Vineyard are having a challenge!

Check out the challenge here:

I was definitely up for it because this is an area that I really lacked in last year. As my ideas for the date nights expanded past the challenge, I decided to make another blog devoted to the date nights.

So, let me introduce you to: Romance on a Shoestring.

On this blog, I will be explaining my ideas, sharing photos, recipes and my sources. I want to inspire creative in home dates that don’t seem cheesy because of trying to save money.

Feel free to check it out!

xo, nikki :)

PS- Don’t worry, I won’t let this new blog take me away from posting regularly on this blog!


L-O-V-E Celebration :)

Often we treat our guests better than our family. Establishing the habit of treating our family as we would guest will assist us in communicating our love to our family. Extending hospitality to our family allows them to reap the same blessings our guests receive in our home. Also, we are modeling for our children how to honor guests– they learn from our example. Treating our family as guests also reinforces the concept of family first. – Practicing Hospitality

I’m currently in the process of reading Practicing Hospitality and loved the chapter on practicing hospitality to your family :) So, for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make all of them feel special and loved! I always have so much fun making things for all of them. It was a good excuse to use cute paper and glue sticks!
Breakfast: Heart shaped eggs and toast

She loves kisses!!
Abbi made Bentley this cute bow-tie!
We brought these cards to the NICU that Bentley was in and sent some to another NICU.

Lunch: Heart-shaped pb & strawberry jelly
Kids’ dinner: Heart-shaped calzones — they ate by candle light… they love that!
Homemade cinnamon sugar soft pretzels.
Our dinner: steak, potatoes, homemade pretzel garlic knots, She Crab Soup with a heart shaped bread/ cracker, and salad — it was too much food!! It was sooo good :)
Our room :)
I love to decorate the mantle… it’s the only thing it’s really good for!
XxOoOOOx — Our Nacho inspired banner of love!
The large hearts had our names on them :)
Our Valentine Cards
I hope my family felt L-O-V-E-D!!!

A Very Lovey Valentine’s Day

Well, we enjoyed our Valentine’s Day. It was much more relaxing than last year. There was no trip to the hospital to see Bentley.

We took Bentley down to falls park and saw a lot of dogs and couples. It was so neat to see couples holding hands and cuddling. Every park bench and swing was occupied by a couple. I wish it were like that all the time. It was very sweet. The park was cold and windy, with trees and flowers blooming. Poor things will be dead soon, because our warm weather is leaving!

We ate our lunch and then walked to Starbucks. I got a Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino and it was soooo yummy! I made the mistake of giving Bentley a taste of my whipped cream. We had to leave because he had such a fit because I wouldn’t give him anymore! It definitely made a memory. We drove around downtown for a bit then made our way home. Bentley took a much needed nap and we watched Kung Fu Panda.
For dinner we had steak, potatoes, and broccoli by candlelight. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures of our special day.

Bentley eating cheerios at the park…the boy loves his food.

Danny and Bentley making music. Bentley mostly wanted to suck on the flute.

Our table

Us, ready to dig in. We at our fancy dinner in our pjs!