A collection of pictures from our summer ;)


xo, nikki :)


Sorry, little blog…

Yes, I have been neglecting you. I’m back now and want to be waaayyyy more consistent.

So, it’s almost Feburary, you may be thinking “What in the heck have you been doing since October?” You probably didn’t say that but I’ll imagine that you did :)

Friends, we have done too much. We’ve done way  too much for comfort, too much busyness, just plain too much. I have felt like that since we went to the beach at the end of the summer.  To some this might not seem like a lot, but for our family it was.

October- I went to NJ, NYC and NY and had a fabulous time. I could not have asked for a better trip! The kids went to Charlotte. Danny got quite a few things done around the house while we were gone. A week long trip takes a week to get ready for and a week to re-coup from.

November- In the beginning of the month we were still trying to get back on track. I had little projects here and there. Then we spent a week preparing for my family to come for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, the kids and I went to my parents new place in FL. Danny came and stayed the following weekend. We also got to see my Uncle and his family, which was an added bonus.

December- We came back from FL, and had Danny’s work party. The next week, I had two Christmas parties and a girls night out.  Then that weekend we had a stay-cation for our anniversary. We hit every thrift store in the upstate up to Asheville, NC. It was a lot of fun. Danny took off work, so we had 5 days together. The house got a makeover, specifically our bedroom :) Which then brings us to the weekend before Christmas, we went to Atlanta and came home Christmas Eve. We like waking up on Christmas Day in our home :) Danny’s parents stopped in for Christmas and had dinner with us, as they made their way back from Atlanta.


I am too! Oh, and sprinkle in 4 doctor appointments, an ultrasound, and bloodwork too! Their nephrologist believes that since they are progressing so slowly that transplants will not happen for another 5 to 7 years, if at all!! What a blessing! We know that this isn’t a guarantee  but it is exciting all the same! The next round of appointments will not start until the end of Feburary.

We hope that you are looking forward to the new year too!!

xo, nikki :)

ps- enjoy the pictures from October until Christmas!

Fall Fun!

So far we have had a busy and fun Fall. A couple weeks ago, we went apple picking with my mom. I made apple butter with about 4lbs of apples and canned them. It was my first attempt canning by myself. I am happy to report that all the cans sealed… and the apple butter tastes good too!

Last weekend, we went apple picking with our care group. We just helped pick that time. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went to a Farm Day. There was bluegrass music, booths, fire and rescue trucks, tractors, and 4-H demonstrations.

The kids have had fun playing outside and enjoying the cooler weather. Last night, we ate dinner outside, had a bonfire, and of course we had roast marshmallows ;) Fall is such a fun time of the year!!

Next week, I am headed to NJ, NY and NYC for a visit with my uncle and my grandma! I am so excited!

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!! Then the kids and I will be headed to my parents new place for a week! We have an exciting and jammed pack Fall!!

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xoxo, nikki :)


Beach Trip

Our beach trip was a month ago!! We had a great time. Being right on the beach made our stay a lot of fun :)

There was a lot of catching up, food, hanging out, eating boiled peanuts, sand, candy, sun, fishing, running, sand, jewelry making, walks, Foosball, laughing, games, movies and sand.

The day that we arrived there was a bad storm and the first morning was a little cloudy, but after that the weather was perfect!

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We came back, tanned and refreshed!

xo, nikki :)


Oh my goodness…

Where has the time gone?! It seems like this has been the gist of my posts lately!

We are still alive and living… and doing! What exactly, I’m not 100% sure.

Here are the rest of my Olympic dinners:

Passport Olympics: Brazil

Passport Olympics: Cuba

Passport Olympics: Germany

Passport Olympics: China

Passport Olympics: France

Since the Olympics, we:

-have been doing school here and there. We started a version of Five in a Row (FIAR). This is Goodnight Moon, and homemade moon phase oreos.

-went to a baseball game– that was a disaster! This is before the game started :)

-went on a beach trip (which takes a good week to get ready, then go, and a good week to get back into a routine!).


– my Mom came to visit — it was a whirlwind trip. She took tons of pictures, so I don’t have any on my camera. We had a great time apple picking, going to the zoo, and eating out :)

– book studies and visits with friends

– celebrated my birthday– I wanted to cook a live lobster… Julia Child recipe of course :) the count down begins!! 369 days until I’m a 30!!!!!! YaY!!!


So that is a quick update. I hope to go back a do a few posts on school, the beach and my birthday ;)

xo, nikki :)

Travelling at the speed of life

I have no idea what we have been doing for the past month! As Bentley has been trying to figure out how to make the minutes, hours and days go by faster, I am trying to find a way to slow it down! We’ve been doing a little of this and that, gardening, swimming in the neighbor’s pool, physical therapy, hanging out with friends, tons of trips to the library, and pink eye!

Since a picture says a thousand words, here are a few to fill in the gaps!

Making homemade pretzels — Bentley loves to take pictures


Trip to the mountains


The kids brought me flowers


Flowers from our garden.


Blueberry picking!! 1 gallon for $5!


Playing dress up! Marseille said,  “I’m getting married!” She loves to say that when she wears that dress :)


This head of cabbage was much bigger than my head. It made great cabbage rolls!


I rigged this noodle sprinkler for the kids. They loved it!


Shot time!!


Lazy 5 Ranch was quite an experience! We met Danny’s parents and the cousins for a carriage ride through a ranch full of animals. You were allowed to feed most of them.


Learning how to do the dishes


I found this praying mantis on the grill, I caught it but had to let it go because I couldn’t find any food small enough for it.


Pool time :)


I was so excited to find that my rosemary sprigs, that my friend gave me, had roots.


Our huge sunflowers! There are at least 10 of them in our garden and at least 9ft tall. I love to see all the busy bees on them.


I was so excited to find these eggs. Papa and Mama Blue abandoned their nest so the eggs never hatched.


Bentley found the nest. I dried it out and saved it. It is an American Goldfinch nest.


We started school on July 2nd. We did an American Revolution and Fourth of July unit. Bentley is making his cucumber sandwich to enjoy with his “taxed tea”.


Our Boston Tea Party. I even polished the silver!


We made a cake for the 4th of July.


It went right along with our 4th of July unit!


Prizes from the summer library reading program. We read 80 books in a month and they received a medal, a pencil, a sticky hand, bounce house tickets and baseball tickets. At the baseball game they get to be in a parade and get a free shirt! They were very excited!


They are nice medals!!


July 9th, was the first day of our Olympic unit. A is for archery. Water balloon archery :)


Aunt Becca helping Bentley learn how to use a bow and arrow! Bentley loves archery.


B is for Basketball


Playing Basketball


I cut open one of the sunflowers to let the kids look and touch it. They really enjoyed that. We observed the insects, and eggs that were on it. We made guesses at what ate the leaves. I showed them where the seeds developed and Bentley wanted to eat them. :)

Hope you enjoyed the update!

xo, nikki :)

GA, NC, Family Visits and a Wedding…

all within a two weeks!

A couple weeks ago, Danny took a week off of work. We decided to head to Woodstock, GA for a couple days.  The trip began on Saturday. We had a great time catching up with Danny’s brother and sister-in-law and their sweet little girls. There were birthdays, lots of talking, laughter, catching up and date nights :) The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins and exploring all their cool stuff. Bentley loved the tire swing and tree house. He told me that when we got home Daddy was going to build him a tree house! Marseille loved all the girly toys!

We came back home on Wednesday and got ready for a garage sale. It proved quite challenging with the kids so we met Danny’s parents half way to Charlotte on Thursday and the kids stayed with them until Sunday.  Our garage sale went well, we sold some big ticket items. It’s nice to pare down! After the garage sale, we brought everything that didn’t sell to Goodwill… let’s just say they got a lot of good stuff! To conclude the day, we went looking for shoes for me that fit the carbon graphite insert that I have to wear. It was hard, but we had such a good time together. It was the most relaxing and fun time we’ve had in a long time!

On Sunday, we headed to Charlotte to pick up the kids and hang out with Danny’s parents. The kids loved their time with Grandpa and Grandma. On Memorial Day, we headed back home after a trip to IKEA :) Danny went back to work on Tuesday.

Thursday, my parents came into town for a wedding. Danny was playing the piano in the wedding. He did such a great job. The wedding was successful, the sweet couple is married! :) On Saturday, we went to the zoo with the kids and my parents. We hit happy hour sushi for lunch! The kids loved hanging out with Pop-Pop and Grandma. We even got to Facetime with my Grandma (the kid’s great grandma).

It was a fun couple of weeks catching up with family, traveling and having Danny all to ourselves!! Dreaming of our next vacation!

xo, nikki :)