GI and other stuff

We had our GI appointment on November 7th and it was the first time that this Dr. was pleased with their height and weight. Whew. So we are on now back to yearly appointments, which has never really been able to pan out but that’s okay. We’ll take it!


October was a busy month for us. Every weekend was filled with something! We had my birthday party, a church picnic, Danny’s parents came for a quick visit, apple picking, and a trip to the Biltmore. Marseille also got stitches on her cheek after falling into her bunk bed railing.

Apple picking with friends
Biltmore’s fall garden
Crazy lady

November has been equally busy but with mostly sickness though. We are in the middle of a tough virus right now. Besides that, we are all decorated for Christmas because we are going to be away for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Danny was really brave and even put lights on the outside of the house. I have been a busy bee knitting and crocheting  Christmas presents  :) We are ready to enjoy the holidays!

Our pretty home

xo, nikki :)


Sorry, little blog…

Yes, I have been neglecting you. I’m back now and want to be waaayyyy more consistent.

So, it’s almost Feburary, you may be thinking “What in the heck have you been doing since October?” You probably didn’t say that but I’ll imagine that you did :)

Friends, we have done too much. We’ve done way  too much for comfort, too much busyness, just plain too much. I have felt like that since we went to the beach at the end of the summer.  To some this might not seem like a lot, but for our family it was.

October- I went to NJ, NYC and NY and had a fabulous time. I could not have asked for a better trip! The kids went to Charlotte. Danny got quite a few things done around the house while we were gone. A week long trip takes a week to get ready for and a week to re-coup from.

November- In the beginning of the month we were still trying to get back on track. I had little projects here and there. Then we spent a week preparing for my family to come for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, the kids and I went to my parents new place in FL. Danny came and stayed the following weekend. We also got to see my Uncle and his family, which was an added bonus.

December- We came back from FL, and had Danny’s work party. The next week, I had two Christmas parties and a girls night out.  Then that weekend we had a stay-cation for our anniversary. We hit every thrift store in the upstate up to Asheville, NC. It was a lot of fun. Danny took off work, so we had 5 days together. The house got a makeover, specifically our bedroom :) Which then brings us to the weekend before Christmas, we went to Atlanta and came home Christmas Eve. We like waking up on Christmas Day in our home :) Danny’s parents stopped in for Christmas and had dinner with us, as they made their way back from Atlanta.


I am too! Oh, and sprinkle in 4 doctor appointments, an ultrasound, and bloodwork too! Their nephrologist believes that since they are progressing so slowly that transplants will not happen for another 5 to 7 years, if at all!! What a blessing! We know that this isn’t a guarantee  but it is exciting all the same! The next round of appointments will not start until the end of Feburary.

We hope that you are looking forward to the new year too!!

xo, nikki :)

ps- enjoy the pictures from October until Christmas!

Posting Frenzy

Okay, it’s 9:30pm and everyone is once again sick and asleep but me. So what do you do you play catch up. I’m going to try and catch up the past few months.
Sick… sick… sick some more and sick again. Okay, you’re all caught up! Well, I guess I’ll fill in the gaps!

Amy (Danny’s sister) came into town. We had a great long weekend with her!

Mini Care Group- cancelled due to lack of communication on all parts… I cried James — salt in the wound! This is the delicious cake that everyone missed out on. It was a really involved cake too. I learned a lot from it! Too bad the trash saw more of the cake than we did :) I’m not bitter!

Learning time! Bentley did this while I baked…

this for care group:

Marseille 4 months old… so cute!

THANKSGIVING: Cooking, Go Carts, Fireworks, Food, and Fun all wrapped into one weekend!

December contained: our 4th wedding anniversary, a trip to Steve and Meghann’s to celebrate Christmas, Bentley’s therapy party, Danny’s Christmas party, Christmas, Christmas dinner with Philip and Ashley, all laced with sickness.
Sweet feet:

Bentley wearing my beret!

Bentley and his therapist

Look Ashley is cooking!

Our Christmas dinner!

Oops… that’s supposed to be a cement mixer!

She’s already into chocolate!

Sick babies

So that was November and December. Let’s see if I can get January together too!

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and uncle! We had a lot of food — that included some cooking lessons for me! Early morning shopping on Black Friday, and fireworks that evening!
Since it was too cold to take the babies hiking, we had a archery tournament. It was so much fun. I had never done it before, so it was interesting. Of course the boys were good at it. My sister was better than me, but my mom came out and put us all to shame!
Over the week, Danny and my dad worked on a huge go cart and an engine. They were fixing the go cart for a friend. My dad was teaching Danny about small engines. Danny was very excited about fixing stuff with my dad. They got the go cart working and we all had a blast riding it.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. Thank you guys for everything!

There will be pictures, provided by my uncle’s new fancy pants camera!!!