Snow day!!

We finally got snow!!! All day, Bentley and I kept praying that it would snow. It was the oddest day. For a little while the clouds were dark, then you would see a patch of blue sky, and then the sun would come out. After about an hour later, it was dark again. Finally the snow came. Just a little at first, then the wind picked up and all you could see was snow!! Unfortunately, Bentley has been sick so we didn’t really get to play in it. BUT, we did go out for a quick ride in the sled and a snow ball fight! Of course, the main concern for Bentley and Marseille was having a real snow cone! Spring now has our blessing to come ;)

xo, nikki :)



We have never seen icy snow like this! It’s pretty thick too!

It looks really neat on the trees.
Our neighbor did the hard work of shoveling his driveway only for it to turn very icy!
It was crazy watching the ice spider out when we walked on the snow!

*S*N*O*W* YAY!!! and the Olympics

Yesterday afternoon the snow began to fall and fall and fall. We were a little more than excited. I had been praying that it would snow, because we have been out of town every single time it snowed here this winter.

I took Bentley outside as the snow was just beginning to fall and he loved it. This morning, however, he wasn’t quite as sure. It was a lot harder to walk because there was so much snow! We are so excited and thankful that we got to experience some real snow this winter. It was very powdery snow. It’s starting to melt really quickly though!

The snow was falling into the evening so we decided to eat by candlelight with the windows open to see the snow! It was a lot of fun. Even Bentley thought it was exciting. We had hot pastrami sandwiches and white bean dip, both recipes out of my Food Network Magazine for celebrating the Olympics. I love the Olympics!!

Danny and I did watch the whole opening ceremony! It was pretty interesting, but nothing with top Beijing’s opening ceremony for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Poor people had a flawless ceremony until the lighting of the torch! They must have had a good dress rehearsal :)

This morning, Marseille woke up around 6AM and I nursed her and put her back to bed, did my morning reading and then went out for a walk in the delicious white snow. It was so peaceful and quiet. I couldn’t help but praise God for creating it! I grabbed my camera and took pictures as the son was coming up. It was beautiful!

When I got Bentley up and told him there was snow, he was so excited! He loves to eat the snow… and that is about it! He laughed at Danny and me as we were running around throwing snowballs at each other. I made a snow angel and tried to get Bentley to make one too but he didn’t want to lay his head back. Danny and I put him in the snow and moved his arms and legs back and forth for him.

After Marseille woke up, we all went on a walk in the neighborhood. It was great to see all the kids out… there are a lot more kids in our neighborhood than I thought! Tonight is our date night… we moved the date night that we go out to Saturday so that way Danny can’t run late :)

It’s our B date, so we are going to Brixx, Barnes and Nobe and Bath and Body Works! It should be fun :)

Here are some pictures of last night and this morning:

Okay, that’s all the pictures for now. I’ll try and put all the pictures I took on a slide show :)