Fall Fun!

So far we have had a busy and fun Fall. A couple weeks ago, we went apple picking with my mom. I made apple butter with about 4lbs of apples and canned them. It was my first attempt canning by myself. I am happy to report that all the cans sealed… and the apple butter tastes good too!

Last weekend, we went apple picking with our care group. We just helped pick that time. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went to a Farm Day. There was bluegrass music, booths, fire and rescue trucks, tractors, and 4-H demonstrations.

The kids have had fun playing outside and enjoying the cooler weather. Last night, we ate dinner outside, had a bonfire, and of course we had roast marshmallows ;) Fall is such a fun time of the year!!

Next week, I am headed to NJ, NY and NYC for a visit with my uncle and my grandma! I am so excited!

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!! Then the kids and I will be headed to my parents new place for a week! We have an exciting and jammed pack Fall!!

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xoxo, nikki :)



Sky Top

We enjoyed Sky Top. It was so much fun to pick an apple and eat it. It’s amazing how apparently different each type of apple tastes. Even though we got lost on the way there it was a great memory. Bentley enjoyed his first tastes of apple. He has never had any fruit until then. I can’t wait to go back!