Medical Updates

I wrote this last night, but needed to proof is some…

Well, so far this week has been a little crazy. I had my final ultrasound for Marseille on Monday. She is looking great. Her bladder and kidneys look great. Her organs are showing no signs of any disease. She is very nestled in a head down position — also good news! She weighs around 6 lbs. and is still on target for Aug 9th. So we are counting down the days!

Yesterday, we went to the hospital for Bentley’s ultrasound (US) only to find out that it was scheduled for 7/8. So, we woke up early for nothing! Well, in God’s kindness it was a reminder that Bentley needed to fast for his US.

So, this morning we got up and went to the hospital again. On the drive to the hospital, I started having contractions. Real contractions, from my belly around to my back. So, I began praying, drinking water and trying to relax. Thankfully, when we pulled into the hospital they went away! I felt terrible drinking in front of Bentley. I kept thinking, “oh no, we are going to get there and they are going to see that I’m in pain and want to admit me, but we don’t have time for that!” (Ironically and sadly, in the waiting room there was a man that they wanted to admit for a heart attack, while his wife was waiting for a radiology appointment.)

Poor Bentley was so hungry and they were running so far behind. I was getting very angry because Bentley was so hungry and we had another appointment to keep, plus he had to get blood work. Our appointment was a 8:30AM, we go there at 8AM and they didn’t bring us back until 10:00AM!!! I told the technincan that Bentley was very hungry and she let him eat while she did the US. Which calmed him right down. After the US, the technician met with the Radiologist to make sure that she got everything that she needed to. She came back with in 5 mins. and didn’t have much to report, so no news is good news. Praise God! Last time the technical took an hour with the Radiologist!

After the US, we booked over the waiting room for lab work. I was really nervous about this because the friend that had planned on coming with us had another appointment and couldn’t come. So, I was going to have to hold Bentley on my lap while he got his blood work done! Which was going to be hard considering half of my lap is taken up by my huge belly!! Thankfully, they were able to do a finger prick anc collect three little viles of blood. Bentley did so well!! He didn’t even wince when his finger was pricked and was laughing and smiling as they collected the blood! God was very kind to me today!

We actually made it to our GI appointment about 10mins early. Just as I sat down in the waiting room they called us back. Danny met us there and we were seen pretty quickly. Bentley has gained another pound, 18lbs 8oz, and grew about an inch and a half! Which is great news. His height and weight proportion are good and on the chart. His progress, while not on the growth chart, is following the same upward slope. The GI was encouraged by this. Bentley will have to stay on the nutritional drink until his is two then they will re-evaluate his dairy intolerance. Otherwise, everything is looking good. He has another appointment in 6 months, and then they will have his liver function tested again. They won’t check his liver by US for another year. Everything is so far out because the liver is functioning properly, and he is showing no signs of needing urgent care. Signs of needing emergency care are vomiting blood and swelling.

By the time we got home, Bentley and I were exhausted and took naps! Thank goodness that we have no other appointments this week. Next week, Bentley has a kidney appointment, where we will get the results of the US, and I have my 36 week checkup. After that it’s weekly check ups for me!