Oh my goodness…

Where has the time gone?! It seems like this has been the gist of my posts lately!

We are still alive and living… and doing! What exactly, I’m not 100% sure.

Here are the rest of my Olympic dinners:

Passport Olympics: Brazil

Passport Olympics: Cuba

Passport Olympics: Germany

Passport Olympics: China

Passport Olympics: France

Since the Olympics, we:

-have been doing school here and there. We started a version of Five in a Row (FIAR). This is Goodnight Moon, and homemade moon phase oreos.

-went to a baseball game– that was a disaster! This is before the game started :)

-went on a beach trip (which takes a good week to get ready, then go, and a good week to get back into a routine!).


– my Mom came to visit — it was a whirlwind trip. She took tons of pictures, so I don’t have any on my camera. We had a great time apple picking, going to the zoo, and eating out :)

– book studies and visits with friends

– celebrated my birthday– I wanted to cook a live lobster… Julia Child recipe of course :) the count down begins!! 369 days until I’m a 30!!!!!! YaY!!!


So that is a quick update. I hope to go back a do a few posts on school, the beach and my birthday ;)

xo, nikki :)


Just for fun…

The kids are LOVING the Olympics! It’s fun to hear their conversations about it. Micheal Phelps comes up a lot. Bentley has been diving into his bed pretending to swim.

We finished our medals:

Made bracelets to support Team USA:

Bentley decided he wanted to be a cyclist and won a medal. The goggles and helmet were his idea:

And Marseille is Repunzel…. again:


xo, nikki :)

Finishing up some of the Olympic Sports

G- gymnastics

I donned by old team leotard for the kiddos while we did school. They thought it was cool, which I thought was funny. I showed them some moves and we made a rhythmic gymnastic ribbon for each of them. Youtube is a great source for watching different types of gymnastics.

J- Judo

We didn’t practice any judo, but we read about it and did some coloring sheets.

M- Modern Pentathlon

We went all out by having our own Modern Pentathlon. We had a blast! A Modern Pentathlon includes: Jumping, Fencing, Swimming, Shooting and Running.


R- Rowing

The kids had fun trying to row in the laundry basket. They thought it was pretty silly.

S- Swimming

We went swimming!!!

T- Track and Field

Had a race. The kids loved running through the crepe paper finish line.

We have had so much fun learning about the sports and the Olympics. The library has been emptied of a large chunk of their books!! It’s been fun to see what sticks with the kids.

xo, nikki :)

Passport Olympics: England

To be honest, British food doesn’t really excite me. I just wanted to find something traditional and this is what I made, Toad in a hole. It was actually delicious. We listened to Elton John, Phil Collins and Coldplay.


I forgot to include the passports that I made for the kids. We “stamp” them before every dinner.


xo, nikki :)


Olympic Passport: Greece

Opa! We’re in Greece! We ate gyros, yellow squash (leftover), hummus along with homemade pita. The music of Vangelis set the mood. Ironically, we listen to Vangelis a lot in this house, he is one of Danny’s favorites. He is the composer of the famous Chariots of Fire music, which has been played a lot during this Olympics!

Homemade Pita

Gyros- my quick recipe


Yummy Dinner :)


xo, nikki :)