C, D and E

We are continuing our Olympic study unit by learning about several sports. I have checked out quite a few books about the Olympics and the individual sports. We read from the books, do a color sheet, and five words that pertain to each sport. Then we try to do a craft or an activity based on the sport. For the most part, I have come up with the activities on a whim, usually as we are doing school!

C is for Cycling.

It was rainy out so we couldn’t go for a bike ride!

D is for Diving.

The kids look forward to doing the glass beads and bingo markers.


The finished product. Bentley is getting better about coloring.


I brought out my yearbooks and showed the kids that I was on my high school dive team.


Because the weather was still rainy, we couldn’t go to a pool with a diving board, instead the little people went for a dive.

Silly :)


E is for Equestrian


I finished my words!


We made our own horses to do some showjumping


The kids had a blast doing the course.


Here is a little video of our Olympics.

It has been so much fun teaching the kids about different sports! What’s more fun is when they get into it! Look for next weeks post on school! It should be exciting since we are doing G for gymnastics!!

xo, nikki :)


You’ll probably be burnt out soon….

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