Bentley’s Lego Party

Today, we had Bentley’s Lego Party! The time flew by and all the kids had fun!

There were games, coloring, food and laughter!

They played:

-Building Legos – everyone contributed to making a building

– Colored Lego minifigures

-Lego drop (into a bottle)

-Hot Potato Lego

The Menu

-homemade pizza rolls (they were the hit)

-chex mix

-fruit salad

-carrots (not quite a hit)

– Lego cake

Bentley opened presents and everyone received goodie-bags.

The goodie-bags were my favorite part to make. I made homemade play-dough and put them in spray painted baby food jars, marshmallow pops, gum, stickers and a cup. I spent under $5 for all of it! The kids were super excited about the goodie-bags!

I found most ideas on Pinterest and some I made up. I spent all week making the decorations and most of Friday making the cake and pizza rolls. Seeing all the kids enjoying themselves adds to the enjoyment of having a party.

Bentley had a great time and that’s what matters most! He kept thanking me for all the decorations, and I thought that was really sweet.

After the party, we cleaned up and headed downtown for a long walk through the park. It was an excellent day!

xo, nikki :)


6 more days!

Bentley received his first LEGO Jr. magazine in the mail yesterday. He has been waiting, somewhat patiently, for it. (I signed him up in November.) He was very excited and asked me to read the whole magazine to him before bed. This morning, he woke up and wanted to build the two projects in the back, but sadly he doesn’t have some of the  pieces. I tried to help him find other pieces to make it work but combining the pieces were either too short or too long. Oh well, I’m sure after his birthday he will have more pieces to work with!


xo, nikki :)

The count down begins…

Bentley will be 5 in one WEEK!

He is sooooo excited to be 5 years old!

Bentley is having his first birthday party this year. He is having a LEGO party because he is quite crazy about LEGOs. From the time he rises in the morning until he has to take a bathroom break , eat or goes to sleep, he plays LEGOs. We are really surprised at how well he can build them, especially the complicated ones with no help but the manual. On Sunday, he handed out his invitations to his friends, which he thought was so cool. I’m excited for him! His birthday party is on the 9th.  I have to start getting stuff ready. I can’t wait for it to all come together!

7 more days!!!

xo, nikki :)