My Mission Field

At the end of last year, our church went through a series on evangelism called Proclaim.

So, after being convicted and motivated to share the Gospel, the hustle and bustle of Amy’s wedding and the holidays, I didn’t get very far. During a quiet time this year I was thinking and praying about where and how to share the Gospel. Doctor Appointments. Yup! The one place that as soon as I step through the door, I want to step right back out. This is my mission field. This is a place that I consistently go, knowing that there are people in the very same room suffering, questioning and desperately in need of a Savior.
What to do… well, I am going to hand out homemade cards from Bentley and Marseille with stickers in them to all the kids in the waiting room. A quick little card that says, “We hope you have a good appointment and we prayed for you.” (And that means I will have to do just that!)
I also wanted to make a way to connect the card back to Jesus and present hope. I created this blog: It’s Just One Story . Please check it out. It is not linked to this blog, because I don’t want too much personal information going out. It’s still pretty rough, but our first appointment of the year is on the 25th, so I need to have something together!
That does not mean that I will be neglecting this blog. It’s Just One Story, is a way to present the Gospel to those I’m reaching out to without handing them a tract. My prayer for that blog is that I will be able to relate to others who are suffering in the same way that we have and will continue to. The Fruit of Her Hands will continue to be a collection of all my randomness!! Thank you to all of you who keep coming back for more :)