Bentley’s Birthday! Part 2!

Okay, so if you know much about me, you would know that I couldn’t let the whole icing issue rest. They say third times a charm. Well, the icing tasted great, but it was really tight and hard to spread. Thankfully, I was making a cake for a two year old! He really enjoyed the cake!
Some last minute decorations:

The cake: Notice how the sand over takes the waves!

Little Einsteins: Pat pat pat… blast off.

Blowing out the candles:

Yummy cake:

Oh Marseille…


I know it’s been a while!

Well, what have we been up too! Gardening… cooking… and life!

In the garden…
Last weekend we planted our garden. All but the squash has now sprouted!! Plus all of our transplants are continuing to thrive!
Our garden contains:
Green Beans
Strawberries – which the birds have eaten all of them!
Green Peppers
Spinach Lettuce – Bibb and iceberg
Brussels Sprouts
Yellow Squash
We are hoping for a great crop!! This year we are having two problems: Too much moisture and birds. We are hoping to build something to go over top of the garden to keep out the birds. But I’m not sure what we are going to do about the moisture problem. We have mushrooms galore– but I just went and check on the garden and they are all gone!
May 1st:

May 4th:

In the kitchen… I made a large batch of pizza dough and froze some of it. We have eaten all of the spaghetti sauce I canned last year, so I canned another jar and froze some. (I couldn’t believe I actually canned it by myself! Whew! I was a little nervous!)

This past Friday, I had a huge craving for chocolate cake, but didn’t end up making one because I didn’t think it would get eaten. But, we had some friends stop by Saturday afternoon and I made my first dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate icing from scratch! It actually turned out. I’m not a very good baker… I’m a little too scatter-brained! I did forget to turn on the timer, and to take a picture! :)

Our life: We did end up entering the Romanticize Your Bedroom Contest. Our room turned out pretty good, even though I waited until the last minute to finish. The deadline was midnight, last Thursday and I started the canopy for our bed at 8:30pm on Thursday! We got it done and we love it! Thankfully, I had tulle leftover from a wedding dress, so I didn’t have to buy any. I spent about $25 in total!


Bentley has been a trip lately. He is very silly. Whistling is his new thing. He loves to be loud. For the past week he has been getting into everything. Thankfully he knows what, “clean up, put that back, close the door and please don’t touch,” mean and is usually very responsive when we say them!
Here is a little clip of him whisting. It’s not very good, but it was the best one that I could get.

I have been sewing more lately. Recently, I have started a blog for my sewing. This is to post what I am working on, my prices for alterations, and hopefully soon a line of girls clothing that I am going to start!

For now that has been our life! Hopefully, it won’t take so long for me to update again!