Last Co-Op of the Year

Last Friday was the final co-op for this year. The kids did a great job. For science they made marshmellow towers and ate some too! For art the younger class decorated christmas trees and the older class made snowflakes. I took the snowflakes they made and put them up at our Ice Skating event. I can’t wait for classes to start again! Hopefully everyone was blessed by it. I know I had a great time.


Co-Op October Edition…

Last Friday was our Art/ Science Co-op.

The younger class did cave drawings. They had a blast rubbing the brown paper together and using skinny markers.

The older class did a still life. At first I thought that it might be too hard, but the proved me wrong. I wanted to challenge them and they exceeded my expectations! Some of them drew very detailed drawings. They sat down and drew what they saw and then got up moved four chairs down and drew again from a different perspective. They did such a great job. Here are some pictures!


Earlier this month a science, art, and PE co-op was started. I am excited about teaching art. I have about 14 different lessons already picked out for my students. They did great with their first lesson: monochromatic drawings. They were asked to pick a favorite summer memory and draw it in color and then just one color. Some of the children surprised me, what was amazing was everyone understood the concept. Here are some snapshots of my students. Next time I will have to take picture of some of the actual art work. Overall, I can’t wait unitl the next one!