Turning 30 and all that jazz

Well, the day finally came and went. I am thirty! I had the thought, “Wow! in 10 years I am going to be 40!” Gosh, that is a lot of life lived. It all seems so neat to me. I had a little birthday party, Midnight in Paris themed. I made all sorts of French goodies and we dressed in our favorite time periods. We all had a lot of fun. On my actual birthday, I wore a tutu and enjoyed the day!

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A collection of pictures from our summer ;)


xo, nikki :)


This post is shamefully overdue, but I’m not going to make excuses of why I haven’t blogged in a while because I only have one: I haven’t felt like it.  That is the truth. My health has been the main reason I have not felt like it. So, instead of using this blog to “complain” about how I feel or the lack of feeling, I just stopped blogging. I was so tired and hormonal that the last thing on my mind was keeping up with the blog.  Which isn’t really fair because that is how many of you find out about the on goings of the kids. (Btw, I am doing much better now. I have cut a lot of stuff out of my diet and working out regularly to help manage stress.) Time is also factor, but you can make time for things, right? So, putting that aside I would like to update you on our life… if you are still interested ;)

The summer has gone by way too fast, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being overly excited about this upcoming fall. I am turning 30 and my old soul is so excited!! I actually had the thought, ‘Wow! I am going to be 40 is 10 years. That is so cool!’ I know, I know… I’m weird. Any way, back to this summer. I feel like we just survived.

-We had my grandparents, my parents and my sister come by in the late spring, which was a lot of fun.

-It rained most of the summer, so we didn’t get out too much.

-My dad came back through for business and celebrated Marseille’s 4th birthday. Yup! No babies here! I cannot believe that she is four. She woke up on here birthday and said, “I’m four, I am not 3 a-n-y-m-o-r-e!!” Went to the Children’s Museum for her birthday.

-Danny’s parents made a day trip here to have a birthday dinner with us for Marseille.

-I went paddleboarding… If I lived near water, I would want one sooooo badly. I loved it!!

-The kids went to FL with my parents and Danny went to Chicago for business and I had a wonderful stay-cation.

– We too various hiking and picnic trips. Especially trips to the Biltmore.

– Brought the kids to the train fountain downtown and let them play in it.

-My sister came for a quick visit before heading back to FL

– Went to the zoo as much as we could, and fed the ducks and ducklings a couple times too.

-We did the summer reading program again, but the baseball game got rained out… not sure if I am going to do the library one anymore.

-We had a few doctor appointments early on in the summer and everything is looking good.

-We started homeschooling the last week of August. The kids are loving it, and I am loving the structure in our day.

-We just had a family vacation for just the 4 of us. It has been 3 years since we have done that and it was fun! We went to Charleston, and ended the week with a couple days in Charlotte, so the kiddos could hang out with their grandparents. Danny and I went to Carowinds for the day.

And now, we are at the present moment! I’m sure that I am forgetting stuff… but that is what happens when you wait so long to post!! I will try to get some pictures together and post them later a long with some news that needs another post… no we are not pregnant!

xo, nikki :)

Endocrinology Update

Last week, we had our first appointment of the year! The kids have been very stable so I went with no expectations. They each gained a pound since their last visit, which was late October. They will be getting blood work done next week to check their thyroids, plus whatever labs the Nephrologist orders. Both kids have fallen off the growth chart again.  Since there has been no real progression in renal failure aiding the ability to do growth hormones, the Dr. thinks maybe it’s time to increase the dosage of their thyroid meds. The blood work will tell us if that is a viable option. The Dr.’s concern isn’t just that they are small but in time if they are not growing their brains can also not develop, and we obviously don’t want that. There is no apparent lack of brain development, as the Dr. kindly pointed out as the kids were chatting away, but it can happen over time. Otherwise, it was a good appointment. We don’t need to be seen again until the summer.

Next week, we have a Nephrology appointment, so we will see how that goes. I’m not really expecting too much since we haven’t had any new blood work done. Marseille should be up for an ultrasound. I am hoping that since Bentley just had one late last year, they won’t need another one, but that may be wishful thinking!

Enjoying their school lunches for date night :)
Enjoying their school lunches for date night :)

xo, nikki :)


Bentley’s Lego Party

Today, we had Bentley’s Lego Party! The time flew by and all the kids had fun!

There were games, coloring, food and laughter!

They played:

-Building Legos – everyone contributed to making a building

– Colored Lego minifigures

-Lego drop (into a bottle)

-Hot Potato Lego

The Menu

-homemade pizza rolls (they were the hit)

-chex mix

-fruit salad

-carrots (not quite a hit)

– Lego cake

Bentley opened presents and everyone received goodie-bags.

The goodie-bags were my favorite part to make. I made homemade play-dough and put them in spray painted baby food jars, marshmallow pops, gum, stickers and a cup. I spent under $5 for all of it! The kids were super excited about the goodie-bags!

I found most ideas on Pinterest and some I made up. I spent all week making the decorations and most of Friday making the cake and pizza rolls. Seeing all the kids enjoying themselves adds to the enjoyment of having a party.

Bentley had a great time and that’s what matters most! He kept thanking me for all the decorations, and I thought that was really sweet.

After the party, we cleaned up and headed downtown for a long walk through the park. It was an excellent day!

xo, nikki :)

Bentley is 5!

At 6:07pm, Bentley turned 5 years old!

The night before his birthday, Danny and I were reminiscing over the past 5 years. We were amazed at not only how quickly time has passed but how removed the evening Bentley was born seems. It was a night full of uncertainty, yet also full of grace. As we sat down to dinner, I made sure to tell Bentley how many minutes left until he was actually 5. At 7pm, we told Bentley that he had been brought to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. Danny and I tried to remember at that point when we got to see him again. We think that it was the next afternoon. However, I do remember the phone call at 4am, telling us that we had a sick baby. Their way of preparing us for the worse. My! How God was at work!

We have had Bentley for 5 years!! A lot has happened in that 5 years but it really has been wonderful! We are so glad, so sO SO glad that God spared Bentley! We love our little guy!

Here is how the Bentley’s day went:

We started the day with Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Then we ran a couple of errands.

Played Legos.

Took a nap.

Played Legos.

Watched the Magic School Bus.

Ate Homemade Lego Pizza.

Ate a Store bought Chocolate Covered Doughnut. ( He was SOOO excited to pick this treat!)

Recorded a 20 question birthday interview.

Opened presents.

Played with presents.


It was a fun day. I especially loved hearing Bentley tell the cashiers that it was his birthday and that he “wasn’t going to be 5 until 6 o’clock, tonight”! Seeing him beside himself with excitement over the doughnut was pretty funny too!

From this:

A glimpse into last year…

To this:

That doughnut brought out  the first real smile!!
That doughnut brought out the first real smile!!

With a whole lot of ups and downs in between! I wouldn’t change a thing!!


Happy 5th Birthday, Buddy! We pray that God blesses you with many more. We are so thankful for you and love to watch God work in you. You are compassionate, silly, loving and smart! Keep getting older ,so as you say, “You can know more about God.”

We love you so very much!! Enjoy your day!!

xo, nikki :)

6 more days!

Bentley received his first LEGO Jr. magazine in the mail yesterday. He has been waiting, somewhat patiently, for it. (I signed him up in November.) He was very excited and asked me to read the whole magazine to him before bed. This morning, he woke up and wanted to build the two projects in the back, but sadly he doesn’t have some of the  pieces. I tried to help him find other pieces to make it work but combining the pieces were either too short or too long. Oh well, I’m sure after his birthday he will have more pieces to work with!


xo, nikki :)