The 5K Count Down… 23 days!

Here we go. 23 days until our run downtown. I’m getting excited. Unfortunately, I am a month behind (of my schedule– another way God has shown my that my plans aren’t His!). I was hoping to already be running 3.1 miles by now, but because of rain and Bentley being sick I haven’t run for three weeks. Yesterday I ran the most I have ever run, a little over a mile and a half — with Bentley in the jogging stroller. So, I am where I was at last month at this time. Which is good. I was afraid that I was going to be set back a lot. So, this is a way of keeping myself accountable to run. I’ve posted it and now people know and can ask me if I am staying on top of my training! Hopefully, since I do run with a jogging stroller I’ve built up some extra endurance. Well, I’ll keep up with the count down! Thanks for following!