Here and Back

A tale by Nikki Roberts.

Well, we made it to 2019. Since I last blogged before moving to NC ::yikes:: we’ve have had plenty going on. We are in our new-to-us home, settling into our new rhythm here. We’ve met our new doctors, new librarians (you read that correctly) and are establishing ourselves in our new church community. All have areas have been good, so I can’t complain. We are loving where our new home is located. It reminds us of “home” in SC. Just outside the busyness of the big city. It allows me access to drive on back roads and not a ton of interstate driving, of which I am a huge fan!

Summer was good to us. The kids and I tried to explore as much as possible. We joined the Summer Reading Program at the library and earned enough tickets for us to go to Carowinds together. We went to an outdoor orchestral concert, swam at the pool, tried to play tennis, and enjoyed our built in time with family. My parents came and drove us up to NJ for a celebratory marriage picnic for my uncle and his bride. We also stayed a few days in NYC. The kids saw their first Broadway musical, Aladdin. Our final vacation to end the summer, with all of Danny’s family, was literally destroyed by a hurricane. I was grateful that we didn’t go and then have to evacuate!

Fall was hurried. My birthday came and went. Hello 35. And we found a house in one ridiculously tough market! Then backed out, only to quickly put a contract on the house we are currently in. We did a little work to the house before we moved in and there is still more to be done. But it is shaping up to be my favorite house. I love all the cozy spots and the large deck. Now it is time to make some friends in the neighborhood!

Winter has arrived. We haven’t had too much time for exploring since we moved into the house right before the holidays. This gives us a lot to choose from come spring. I am hoping for at least one more snow before spring is upon us. For our 13th anniversary ::what?!:: Danny and I did make a day trip to Asheville. We got to visit some of our old stomping grounds. Oh man! I miss those views! Sorry beach, the mountains will forever hold my heart! It is a little to far from here to visit on day trips so it will be a while before we see Asheville again!

Christmas came so quickly that I wanted to make it last. To make it linger a little longer, we celebrated the traditional 12 days of Christmas and ended the fun on Jan 6 by at least acknowledging Epiphany. For the 12 days of Christmas, I cooked a dinner from a different country each night. As we blessed the meal, we also prayed for each country. I felt like this created joy to the world! The Savior is for all nations. The kids really enjoyed it so it may become our new Christmas tradition. To check out our meals, you can find them on Instagram: GoTeamRoberts

The day after Christmas, Bentley had an endoscopy and an MRI done. Now that I am feeling settled again, I would like to keep up the appointments and updates on here because it really is so much easier on me. Ha! Thanks for serving me!

Both tests went well and are solid baselines for our new doctors. The MRI and Endoscopy revealed what the doctors both here and in Greenville suspected. 

Endoscopy – Bentley has two Stage 2 and two Stage 1 enlarged veins in his esophagus. This is due to the back up flow of blood to his enlarged spleen. This would/ could be why he would need stints placed on those veins to re-direct the flow of blood. As the varices are only Stage  1 and 2, nothing but monitoring is needed at this point. 

MRI – Our GI suspected that he may have Caroli Disease (cystic dilated bile ducts in the liver) because Bentley’s bile ducts have been getting larger the past 3 or so years. The MRI confirmed that he does have Carloi Disease. We will go over the implications and next steps at our routine scheduled appointment on Feb 7th. 

There are no immediate actions, just new knowledge and a starting place.
We are not anxious about the results but are just glad to know where we stand. We are grateful for the care of the doctors here so far. They have cared for more kids like Bentley and Marseille, so it is encouraging to know they have experience with our kids’ specific needs.

Besides that, we are still plugging away a homeschool. This year has been an odd one, but despite that the kids are still learning and growing! And I still love teaching them.

xo from my corner of the world,



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