Summer is here

We are almost done with school and are ready for a little break. This Friday is our last day of school and the kids are thrilled. I enjoy the rhythm of our days when we do school, but I am looking forward to having some personal reading and planning time. We will start school back up in the first few weeks of August. Year-round schooling has worked the best for us, our Dr. appointments and sick time are able to be worked around. Win-win. Another advantage is we don’t lose a lot of traction.

We had routine echocardiograms last week and everything looked good. We have a couple appointments in the next few months. Originally, two of them were scheduled on the same day but one Dr. will be out of office so we got bumped to August.

Nephrology- July 11

Dentist – July 19 (probably need to make appointments with orthodontist too)

Endocrinology- August – I can’t remember

The house is still for sale. No lookers or buyers yet. It will happen when it is supposed to happen! The Bible encourages us to wait on the Lord, a lot. Like over 100 times. Waiting is so closely tied to trust and that is what we are doing.

We did take a few days away in Charleston and had a very relaxing time. Otherwise our summer is going to be filled with swimming at the pool, reading, games, crafts, and as many library programs that we can shove in!! And hopefully moving…

Trusting all is well with you,

Nikki :)


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