Valentine’s Day 2013

This Valentine’s Day was the best one that I have ever had! Even the kids had fun! We celebrated Valentine’s Day Eve as a family. We had gyros to begin Danny and I’s GYRO’s 14 dates of Valentine’s (not sure what I am talking about check it out here at the Romantic Vineyard) I recently found a gyro kit at Aldi, it’s pretty authentic and everyone likes it, so it’s a winner. Anyway, we had the Valentine’s Day Eve because Danny and I were going to have a Date Night In on Valentine’s but I wanted the kids to have a special dinner with us too.

On Valentine’s Day, the kids had heart shaped toast, fruit and some leftover popcorn (they get excited about leftover popcorn) for breakfast. For lunch, the kids had heart shaped pb and honey sandwich bites and veggie straws and some fruit.

Together the kids and I made Valentine’s cards for each other with glitter… it went better than expected! The kids also helped me decorate the table for Daddy and Mommy’s date. Marseille thought it was really exciting, she actually prayed that we would have a “good date at the table.” Before they took their nap, we made rice crispy treats for dessert. That turned into a science lesson about states of matter: solids, liquids and gas (which the kids thought was hilarious… we’re in trouble!).

During their nap, I set up a special table for them. I even put flowers and candles for their fancy dinner. After setting up their table, I finished the prepping for our at home date. That involved picking out my clothes, since we were having a themed dinner.

Around 5:30pm, I fed the kiddos. They ate Sausage, Peppers and Onions with pasta and a heart-y salad. They loved the rolls and the rice crispy treats.  While they were eating, Bentley said, “This is the best day that I have ever had! The fancy dinner was a success!

After Danny came home and got cleaned up, we exchanged some small gifts and got Bentley and Marseille ready for bed. (On a side note, and to point out God’s grace in my life, just as Danny walked through the door, Marseille had an accident in the bathroom. Rather than, like last week, get angry that cleaning pee off the floor was not in my plans and it was going to waste time, I took a deep breath, prayed, and told myself it was not a big deal and that we would still eat tonight. So, quickly, I cleaned her and the mess up and that was that! Thank you, Lord for grace!)

After the kids went to bed, Danny and I fixed our dinner of filet mignon and scallops, with roasted asparagus, heart-y salad and rolls. We quickly got dressed up for the Phantom of the Opera themed night. The soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera serenaded us as ate our delicious meal! It was a great night!

Hope you had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones too!

xo, nikki :)


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