A little twist on a pot luck

Our care group, a small group of families from our church, gets together every Thursday night. But if there is a 5th Thursday, we have a pot luck. January, was one such month! As the pot luck planner, what to do?! 

I’m actually not quite sure how I came up with the idea, just a craving I guess! This month’s pot luck was called Meatball Madness. Every family brought a different type of meatball. Which made the night like a taste testing and it was so much fun! To keep in the round theme, I made round desserts, Oreo truffles and what we call Healthy Balls.

Now, I am trying to think of a new idea for the next month, I believe it’s May. Some of the men are thinking steak… not sure if they will be willing to fork over their hard earned cash for it ;)

Take a walk around the counter with me!

nikki :)


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