Medical Update

This summer was fairly slow for Dr. appointments. They seemed to all fall in a two week period. Everything is still stable, but Bentley’s recent blood work came back abnormal. His platelet count is low, as well as his white blood cell counts. This has to do with his liver. The GI has ordered a ultrasound for him on October 29th. At the time of getting these blood work results, they scheduled the utlrasound a month out, so even though it is abnormal,  it isn’t an emergency. Marseille’s blood work came back good, so she is still plugging along.

They both grew 2 inches this summer, so thanks growth hormones! Their thyroid meds and blood pressure meds are still stable so we are not changing any of their prescriptions. Which is great!! We have been six months with out any prescription changes! This month, Bentley has not wanted to drink one of his medicines. We have had to change the frequency of that prescription, but it’s still the same amount in a day, so I don’t really consider that a change.

Otherwise, the Dr’s are please and so are we! If you could please pray for Bentley and his ultrasound we would appreciate it.

xoxo, nikki :)

PS- A friend asked how we were doing with the recent results. We are fine. We are not anxious about it, especially since the Dr. didn’t schedule a next day ultrasound. Problems with their livers are not unexpected, if anything it is a miracle that it hasn’t happened earlier!


Fall Fun!

So far we have had a busy and fun Fall. A couple weeks ago, we went apple picking with my mom. I made apple butter with about 4lbs of apples and canned them. It was my first attempt canning by myself. I am happy to report that all the cans sealed… and the apple butter tastes good too!

Last weekend, we went apple picking with our care group. We just helped pick that time. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went to a Farm Day. There was bluegrass music, booths, fire and rescue trucks, tractors, and 4-H demonstrations.

The kids have had fun playing outside and enjoying the cooler weather. Last night, we ate dinner outside, had a bonfire, and of course we had roast marshmallows ;) Fall is such a fun time of the year!!

Next week, I am headed to NJ, NY and NYC for a visit with my uncle and my grandma! I am so excited!

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!! Then the kids and I will be headed to my parents new place for a week! We have an exciting and jammed pack Fall!!

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xoxo, nikki :)


“Lobster Killer…

lobster killer… lobster killer.” ~Julie and Julia

I did it. I cooked a live lobster.  The night before my birthday, I pulled out my Mastering the Art of French Cooking and found Lobster Thermidor, the recipe that was shown in the movie Julie and Julia. I finally read the book in September and I think that is what provoked me to desire to do it… and cook dessert crepes for the first time. Hey, if you are going to do it, you might as well go all out, right?

I was a little nervous as I was holding the lobster and getting ready to put it in it’s death bed, a delicious smelling death bed. Because the lobster had been hanging out in the fridge, it didn’t put up a huge fight. When the kids and I picked him out  it was feisty… just the way we wanted it. He was especially angry on the car ride home.

I would like to tell you that I copied Julia’s recipe to the T, but I didn’t. There was one step that I could not bring myself to do. Believe me, I added every once of butter that she asked for! Everything was going dandy and almost too easy. The came time to split the lobster and this green goo and stuff came spewing out. It smelled awful, I was gagging a little too. Julia wanted me to put the green goo back into my beautiful sauce. I couldn’t do it. I actually rinse all that rancid smelling stuff off all the meat! Besides that, I copied Julia and had wonderful lobster dinner!

The crepes were hard for me. I have made Vietnamese crepes with my dad and great aunt, but I’ve not made French crepes yet. I guess it doesn’t help that I was using all dairy free alternatives so the kiddos could enjoy my birthday dessert, since we weren’t having cake (I’m not a big fan of cake). I made enough for the our dessert and we had peanut butter filled crepes for breakfast the next morning.

Overall it was a great birthday experience!!

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xoxo, nikki :)

My next birthday, Chicken with Mushrooms in Port

A little bit of school

I have wanted to do school and yet, I’m not quite ready yet. We started doing a little bit of Five in a Row. You read the same book five days in a row and do activities based on the book. My problem is I haven’t sat down and made a true lesson plan, so I am winging it on Sunday evening. We’ve only done a couple weeks, but as a friend recently shared with me, we are going to be doing school until they are 18, let’s enjoy right now. So, with that in mind, if we do school we do, and if not that is okay too. The books that we have read so far are: Goodnight Moon and Corduroy. The kids really love it.

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xo, nikki :)

Beach Trip

Our beach trip was a month ago!! We had a great time. Being right on the beach made our stay a lot of fun :)

There was a lot of catching up, food, hanging out, eating boiled peanuts, sand, candy, sun, fishing, running, sand, jewelry making, walks, Foosball, laughing, games, movies and sand.

The day that we arrived there was a bad storm and the first morning was a little cloudy, but after that the weather was perfect!

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We came back, tanned and refreshed!

xo, nikki :)


Oh my goodness…

Where has the time gone?! It seems like this has been the gist of my posts lately!

We are still alive and living… and doing! What exactly, I’m not 100% sure.

Here are the rest of my Olympic dinners:

Passport Olympics: Brazil

Passport Olympics: Cuba

Passport Olympics: Germany

Passport Olympics: China

Passport Olympics: France

Since the Olympics, we:

-have been doing school here and there. We started a version of Five in a Row (FIAR). This is Goodnight Moon, and homemade moon phase oreos.

-went to a baseball game– that was a disaster! This is before the game started :)

-went on a beach trip (which takes a good week to get ready, then go, and a good week to get back into a routine!).


– my Mom came to visit — it was a whirlwind trip. She took tons of pictures, so I don’t have any on my camera. We had a great time apple picking, going to the zoo, and eating out :)

– book studies and visits with friends

– celebrated my birthday– I wanted to cook a live lobster… Julia Child recipe of course :) the count down begins!! 369 days until I’m a 30!!!!!! YaY!!!


So that is a quick update. I hope to go back a do a few posts on school, the beach and my birthday ;)

xo, nikki :)