Passport Olympics: Japan

Welcome to Japan. Take your shoes off and join us for Beef Teriyaki, Rice, Sauteed Eggplant, Cucumbers and Green Tea.

xo, nikki :)



Just for fun…

The kids are LOVING the Olympics! It’s fun to hear their conversations about it. Micheal Phelps comes up a lot. Bentley has been diving into his bed pretending to swim.

We finished our medals:

Made bracelets to support Team USA:

Bentley decided he wanted to be a cyclist and won a medal. The goggles and helmet were his idea:

And Marseille is Repunzel…. again:


xo, nikki :)

Finishing up some of the Olympic Sports

G- gymnastics

I donned by old team leotard for the kiddos while we did school. They thought it was cool, which I thought was funny. I showed them some moves and we made a rhythmic gymnastic ribbon for each of them. Youtube is a great source for watching different types of gymnastics.

J- Judo

We didn’t practice any judo, but we read about it and did some coloring sheets.

M- Modern Pentathlon

We went all out by having our own Modern Pentathlon. We had a blast! A Modern Pentathlon includes: Jumping, Fencing, Swimming, Shooting and Running.


R- Rowing

The kids had fun trying to row in the laundry basket. They thought it was pretty silly.

S- Swimming

We went swimming!!!

T- Track and Field

Had a race. The kids loved running through the crepe paper finish line.

We have had so much fun learning about the sports and the Olympics. The library has been emptied of a large chunk of their books!! It’s been fun to see what sticks with the kids.

xo, nikki :)

Passport Olympics: Espana

Ole! The Gipsy Kings, even though they are French, serenaded us with their flamenco music. We enjoyed Chicken and Mushrooms in Sherry, unfortunately we didn’t have mushrooms… but as Julia Child would say, make no excuses! I butchered the chicken myself… I still can’t believe that I can do that without gagging now! This recipe is a keeper. We all really liked it!

xo, nikki :)


Passport Olympics: England

To be honest, British food doesn’t really excite me. I just wanted to find something traditional and this is what I made, Toad in a hole. It was actually delicious. We listened to Elton John, Phil Collins and Coldplay.


I forgot to include the passports that I made for the kids. We “stamp” them before every dinner.


xo, nikki :)


Olympic Passport: Greece

Opa! We’re in Greece! We ate gyros, yellow squash (leftover), hummus along with homemade pita. The music of Vangelis set the mood. Ironically, we listen to Vangelis a lot in this house, he is one of Danny’s favorites. He is the composer of the famous Chariots of Fire music, which has been played a lot during this Olympics!

Homemade Pita

Gyros- my quick recipe


Yummy Dinner :)


xo, nikki :)