Nephrology Appointment

It’s been a long time, but we actually had a perfect Nephrology appointment! Both, Bentley’s and Marseille’s blood pressure were in the high end of normal. That has not happened since before they started blood pressure medication. The Dr. and I were so excited. He said that since we just had blood work 3 months ago and their blood pressure was doing well, we could wait to do blood work until next time :) Whew! What a relief! AND on top of that, he gave me a prescription for a numbing cream to help Bentley and Marseille get through their blood work. Bentley’s fear of blood work builds as soon as we get to the waiting room. So, we are hoping that the numbing cream will help him not to fear because it won’t hurt. We shall see at their next round of blood work :) Right now we are thanking God for the blessing of a good report!

xo, nikki :)


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