The Maternal Lens 3.16-23.2012

Catching up on posting my pictures!! This month is flying by!

3.16.2012 – YOU –  I’m enjoying some yoga!

3.17.2012 – something GREEN – Bentley’s St. Patrick’s Day craft

3.18.2012- book – my bedside book stash.

3.19.2012 – office supply- I think the rubber bands get the most use.

3.20.2012 – flower -first day of spring… first day of seasonal allergies!

3.21.2012 – living room – not sure where we live more… at the dinner table or in the living room!

3.22.2012 – neighborhood – I love our neighborhood!

3.23.2012 – something sweet – there is nothing sweeter than the laughter of children!

xo, nikki :)


3 thoughts on “The Maternal Lens 3.16-23.2012

  1. Abbi and I had fun catching up on your blog!!! Awesome job on all the pics!!! We both gasped when we saw your yoga pose! =) Love you! =)

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