One afternoon I folded some laundry and, since they were sleeping, I put the kids’ laundry next to their door. When they woke up they, on their own, put their clothes away! All of them. It’s their new FAVORITE chore! Bentley can put all of his clothes away by himself, while Marseille needs a little guidance (she would just shove them all into a place that fits). I just think it’s amazing that they want to do it because it’s the chore that I can’t stand! It’s apparent by the pictures that I really don’t care how the clothes get in, just they they are in the right bucket!

Here is Bentley singing his new FAVORITE song! Never Once — He got a little camera shy, but stuck with it! Click the following link to watch Bentley sing on youtube: Bentley Sings Never Once by Matt Redman. Marseille even makes an entrance ;) I pray that God allows them to understand the truths that they love to sing! That would be my FAVORITE!! If you have never heard the song, please, please, please listen to it! Never Once- Matt Redman. It really is one of our most FAVORITE songs! Both Danny and I feel like this song is a reality for our family :)

xo, nikki :)


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