I love food!

This past Sunday we had some of our very best friends over! The Minards! God has used this family in my life in so many ways. One practical thing that, Ann has helped me with is cooking. She has opened her home to me numerous times to show me how to make all different sorts of things, like pastas, breads, pizzas, and today, empanadas!

Anyway, on Sunday it was their anniversary, and they still came over for dinner and this is what I made: A mixed seafood pasta, it had shrimp, scallops and calamari in it. It smelled so good!! I also made french baguettes and strawberry shortcake from scratch… it’s the best way too cook!


Thankfully, the Minards love food as much as I do and so it was a fun treat to cook for such a great family!! As I was baking the bread I thought to myself, ” I wonder if God will allow me to bake in heaven because this is a little bit of heaven for me!”

xo, nikki :)


5 thoughts on “I love food!”

  1. I’m making this this weekend! Heading to Trader Joe’s tomorrow to pick up the seafood!! Love you bunches!!

  2. I’m wondering what this recipe is. Can you share it with me when you get a chance? or is it Pioneer Woman’s Shrimp and Pasta but you’ve just added a couple more items in it? Sounds wonderful!!

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