One last time!!

Okay, this is the last time. I know it’s confusing but I am switching to because I am no longer using the email address that this blog is run on!

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Okay, last time…

Really! I mean it!

Here is the story: This year I am taking a break and have closed my Marseille & Moi Etsy shop. When making my new blog, Faithfully Dancing in the Rain, I used the email address from my bought domain, which will not be renewed. So, I needed to start a new blog. So, here I am. I am done starting blogs!! In place of Marseille & Moi, I have opened Nikity Knackity a blog about finishing all the projects that I started.

Okay, now that I have throughly confused everyone! Here I go!

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Cinnamon and Ginger Nuts

Recently, I wanted a real gingerbread recipe not cookies, but bread. All I could think of was Mary Poppins talking about gingerbread– I might be the only person that thinks about random dialogue from movies but I am okay with that. So, my quest for a good gingerbread recipe is how I found this free book for kindle. In it are tons of Gingerbread recipes. Though, I haven’t tried their version of gingerbread yet. I found this delicious one, Grandmother’s Soft Gingerbread Cake.

The Cinnamon and Ginger Nuts kept catching my eye, so I decided to make them for a little baby shower I was hosting. They were a huge hit with the care group ladies and even with my kids! Since they liked them so much, I gave them to the care group ladies as little Christmas presents!

I hope that you enjoy them too!

Cinnamon and Ginger Nuts
From Gingerbread Cookbook by Gooseberry Patch.

3c mixed nuts
1 egg white
1 T. orange juice
2/3 c. sugar
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. ground ginger
1/2 t. allspice
1/4 t. salt

Place nuts in a large mixing bowl; set aside. Whisk egg white and orange juice together until frothy; mix in remaining ingredients. Pour over nuts; mix thoroughly. Spread coated nuts onto an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet (wish I had a silicon mat for this part!) Bake at 275 degrees for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Cool; store in an airtight container. Makes 3 cups.

And I’ll leave you with a little Mary Poppins… one of my all time favorite movies! A Spoonful of Sugar – Julie Andrews.
nikki :)

New Rx and a little update.

Well, we made it through the Nephrology appointment with ease. They kids did great. Marseille once again was a champ and didn’t cry at all. Let the record show… she got her blood pressure taken three time and didn’t even bat an eye!!! That is a huge work in her life! Even though the kids were very calm while getting their blood pressure taken, both of their blood pressures are high, so their Rx dosage is going up. Please pray with us that this new dosage will help. It has changed three times for Bentley and twice for Marseille this year. Another reason to pray that it will stabilize is, we cannot do blood work until it does. The Dr. does not want any false readings for their blood work, which checks their kidney and liver function. Other than that they are both doing good. Marseille gained two pounds since her last appointment! We are grateful for your prayers.

So, rewind a little bit. We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents. There were many appointments and such during the week which made it busy but overall it was a great time. My mom and I were apart of the Black Friday craziness. We were at Belk at 3am! It was CRAZY, but worth it. We went to the Grove Park Inn to see the National Gingerbread Competition and enjoyed a delicious lunch on the huge deck. The Gingerbread Competition has become a family tradition.

Now, our ginormous Christmas tree (we named her Ginormica- she’s 9.5′ tall) is set up and slowly presents are being added. We’ve been doing Advent readings with the kids and once again I’m reading Come, Thou Long-Expected, Jesus, it won’t ever get old! We are hoping for a low key Christmas. The shopping is done and it seems all the Christmas parties are this week. I’m grateful because both kids are still coughing and Bentley has an ear infection. Other than the sickness, we are all very excited about the whole season! As soon as the children are better, we will be touring downtown and the Festival of the Trees, another family tradition.

If you haven’t ever heard this song, This is Christmas by Kutless, listen to it and be freshly reminded that there is no Christmas season without Jesus! This year as Bentley is understanding more and more, the fight begins to center our children around the reason we celebrate Christmas and not just all the exciting things that the season brings!