Fun Fridays

Both Bentley and Marseille are into books right now! I love going in their room and seeing them sitting on the window sill reading to each other!

Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner Marseille was reading away. Apparently, her book said that she was: Tutti, Ming Ming the duck and Pablo, and that she was pink. When I walked over to her and she said, “I’m reading okayyyyyyy?” So I tried to grab the camera and this is what I got:

In other news!!
The kids and I watched a movie called How Do They Make That? Cement Mixers. Bentley, of course, loved it and he got out his Magna-Doodle and drew a drum to the cement mixer. Then he ran into his room and I noticed that he got into his tool box.
Me: Whatcha making Bentley?
Bentley: Not a mess! (with a guilty smile!)
Goofy boy!! Here is a picture of the drum to his cement mixer.
Last night we said farewell to summer, we celebrated by having hamburgers and grilled summer squash and zucchini for dinner. Tonight we will have the first stew of fall with fresh bread! Yum! Enjoy your first day of fall!!

Wild Talk Wednesday

Constant chatter from a car obsessed boy:

Act 1
Bentley: I’m an officer and I’m going to pull you over!
Me: What?!
Bentley: I’m gonna give you a ticket because you were going faster and faster!
Me: Oh no!
Bentley: Oh yes!

end scene.

Act 2
Buckle up for a Cars adventure! The “Reg-u-were Cars,” Mommy!!!

Act 3
 Running around in circles. Watch out, I’m racing!! Because I’m Francesco!

Act 4
Looking at a car advertisement on fb! Go back… I need to see that car…. I like that car!

Quotable Thursday

Ignorance of Providence is the greatest of all miseries, and the knowledge of it the highest happiness. ~John Calvin

A couple Sundays ago we heard a great message on the providence of God. Later that week, in the book that I am currently reading, I came across this quote by John Calvin. I LOVE it when the Sunday morning message aligns with what I am reading.