Wow, friends, it’s been too long!

Hi there, stranger(s)!

Here is a little update. it’s been far too long with way too much excitement. As you know, we did have our first craft fair. The day began very windy and ended sunny with a ton of wind! But what you might not know was… that we made a “emergency” trip to the doctor and the ER. In one day!!!
Wednesday, April 6th both Bentley and Marseille had accidents. Marseille bit through the skin under her lip and Bentley hit his head on the coffee table. Marseille’s skin was glued back together and Bentley ended up with three stitches in his forehead. What a day!
It started off like every other Wednesday, which is cleaning day. Just as I was preparing lunch, I heard a scream and walked into the room to see Marseille’s mouth covered it blood and all swollen. Poor girl. I cleaned her up and she kept sucking on the swollen part in her mouth which kept making it bleed in the front. After a couple of phone calls, I took her to the doctor. He glued it and said that it would scar. It’s tiny so eventually you won’t be able to see it.
So, we get back home and finish cleaning. I got a phone call that the host home for cg has a sick child. As easily as my kids get sick, I opted not to go, but said that I could host it here since the house was clean. I found a dessert mix in my pantry and put it together. By the time the dessert was done and we were done with dinner, the ladies began to arrive. As, I was still cleaning up Bentley was talking to some of the ladies and he bent down to get a toy and slipped (I’m going by his story) and hit the coffee table leg. He must have hit it just right, the force of the hit popped his forehead open. Upon scooping him up, I knew we were going to have to get stitches. He was so brave and did so well. The Dr. was amazed that they didn’t have to have a nurse hold him down as she put the stitches in. They gave him a race car that he is mighty proud of.
Thursday was Danny’s birthday. I made him Shrimp and Chroizo. Then for dessert, we had rice crispy treats and ice cream. Bentley thought that was a lot of fun! One more year for Danny and he will be 30! After all the excitement of the day before it was very laid back.
On Friday, Bentley had a three year old check up and everything is looking good for him :)
Saturday, was a crazy. My friend’s George and Danielle got married :) Early that morning, I got a call saying that the bride’s dress was too big. She ended up bringing it over and I fixed it. I was a mess until she got here, trying to figure out ideas on how to fix it without having to sew it. I ended up having to sew it! After they left, I followed them because I was helping with the bridesmaids dresses. Whew! It was a lot of work, but it was worth it because the couple is happily married :)
Sunday, we had mini-cg and that was relaxing!
Monday, I prepared for the craft fair.
Tuesday, the kids had their ultrasounds. They did extremely well for having to fast. We won’t have results until the beginning of May.
Wednesday, Bentley ended up throwing up in the car after our first errand, which lead to another unusual Wednesday. Right before Danny left for cg the kids got into Vaseline. I couldn’t help but laugh! Thankfully we got everything cleaned up, I just couldn’t believe all the strange things that kept happening! Wednesday is the day that I want to get things done and God keeps showing me that there is more at stake than my to-do list.
Thursday, Bentley ended up sick so we took it easy.
Friday, I ran errands like a mad woman trying to get everything ready. Thankfully, my mother in law was here to help me with the kids and getting last minute details done! She ended up taking them to her house so they could get rest while we had our busy Saturday! Thanks Mom!!
Saturday, we didn’t have a great turn out to our craft fair, but I did sell some stuff and got some orders. I was pleased. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this so it was good for me :) I have plenty of alterations to keep me busy, plus these orders on top of that!
While I was at the craft fair, Danny had band practice. I love having the band over at our house. I love hearing them practice and prepare to serve our church :)
After that, we got to go on a date night. It’s been a long, long time!! We went to Trio a great dinner and Luna Rosa for gelato! Along with the great food, we had great conversation. It was a very refreshing time!
Sunday, we had an amazing, I mean AMAZING message, given to us. More on that later… that’s just how important it was to me. Then we headed to pick up the kiddos from their grandparents house!
It’s been a fun, crazy, busy month, but isn’t that life?! I cannot believe that this month is more that half over!

You’ll probably be burnt out soon….

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