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Here are a couple of my favorites that she has done for me!


My Mission Field

At the end of last year, our church went through a series on evangelism called Proclaim.

So, after being convicted and motivated to share the Gospel, the hustle and bustle of Amy’s wedding and the holidays, I didn’t get very far. During a quiet time this year I was thinking and praying about where and how to share the Gospel. Doctor Appointments. Yup! The one place that as soon as I step through the door, I want to step right back out. This is my mission field. This is a place that I consistently go, knowing that there are people in the very same room suffering, questioning and desperately in need of a Savior.
What to do… well, I am going to hand out homemade cards from Bentley and Marseille with stickers in them to all the kids in the waiting room. A quick little card that says, “We hope you have a good appointment and we prayed for you.” (And that means I will have to do just that!)
I also wanted to make a way to connect the card back to Jesus and present hope. I created this blog: It’s Just One Story . Please check it out. It is not linked to this blog, because I don’t want too much personal information going out. It’s still pretty rough, but our first appointment of the year is on the 25th, so I need to have something together!
That does not mean that I will be neglecting this blog. It’s Just One Story, is a way to present the Gospel to those I’m reaching out to without handing them a tract. My prayer for that blog is that I will be able to relate to others who are suffering in the same way that we have and will continue to. The Fruit of Her Hands will continue to be a collection of all my randomness!! Thank you to all of you who keep coming back for more :)

Guess who’s coming to dinner…

I have been wanting to start a dinner club for years (5 years to be exact)! We are finally in a season of life that we are able to actually pull that off! YAY! Yesterday, kicked off our first (of hopefully many years of) dinner club. It was a NYC Pizzeria. Here is a peek into our fun night! We ate, played a couple games, watched Brian Regan, and planned our next two dinners. Woo-whoo! I hope you guys had as much fun as we did! We are so grateful for your friendship McCarnans and Pruitts and are excited to grow together!
Anna’s meatballs
Anna’s garlic knots – not sure why the picture keeps loading sideways!
My homemade pizzas – cheese/ pepperoni/ sausage, peppers, onions/mushrooms
The “table-scape” had metrocards for place cards, pictures I printed as postcards, a guest check for the menu and facts about NYC around the napkins with the silverware! Can you tell I LOVE details???
Ashley’s cheesecake


We have never seen icy snow like this! It’s pretty thick too!

It looks really neat on the trees.
Our neighbor did the hard work of shoveling his driveway only for it to turn very icy!
It was crazy watching the ice spider out when we walked on the snow!

What a snowfall!!

When we woke the kids up in the morning and told them to look outside, Bentley exclaimed, “SNOW! We get to eat it!!” He couldn’t wait to get out and eat the snow and have everyone, including Caesar taste it. Bentley was very excited that his special treat for eating all of this dinner was a cup of snow!
Today the snow is frozen over and it’s likely we will be snowed in for another day or so. We live in between two counties, so they didn’t salt our area and haven’t plowed it yet!
Here are a couple pictures of our day! We didn’t play in it very long because the only one with boots was Bentley and the snow was too deep for Marseille to walk in.
At first we weren’t going to take Marseille out, but she knew what was going on and grabbed her hat and put it on! She didn’t want to be left out!!

Digging a potty spot for Caesar!

Tasting the snow!!

Our record snowfall!!

Homemade snow cones compliments of Danny’s homemade syrup!

Caesar bounding in the snow!

Amazing that all these snowflakes make piles of snow! God is amazing!
Looking across the street!

Up the street.
Down the street.
Because I was leaning back to take her picture, she decided to lean back! Silly :)
He loves snow!
Don’t look at the camera, please!

A taste for me and…

a taste for you!

Special treat!

Quiet on the Blogging Front because….

I’ve been cleaning!!
Welcome 2011! I’m so glad that you are here :)

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the organization bug bit me. I wanted to get the house organized and ready to begin the new year. It was like I was “nesting” again!
I am not an overly organized person but my dear Danny is! So, the two areas of the house that he avoids, I decided to tackle: the laundry room and the pantry. Plus the kids room, my side of the closet, and under our bathroom sink. Whew!
Danny was very blessed and now I know what I have and where everything is!!
After my morning workout, I head straight to the laundry room to do my devotions!

Everything is labeled and has a place! I love labels!!
Danny wanted me to have all white hangers… so now I do!
Oh, but I can’t forget MY TURKEY!! I roasted my very first turkey on New Year’s Eve!It actually turned out, it was juicy and tender! Our feast consisted of Champagne Roasted Turkey, Champagne Risotto, Roasted Asparagus and Yeast Rolls. It was delicious, if I do say so, but Danny said so… so I guess that makes it true!!

I also finally completed this lens bag for Kelli. It’s my version of a shoot sac.
We did set goals for this year and are praying that we meet some of them. I’ll share more on that when I do a re-cap of 2010! God has been so faithful!