Whew! We made it to December :)

Can you believe that it is already December 1st?! I’m so excited at the thought of Christmas and the beginning of a new year! Today I made an Advent Calendar for Danny. Each day he has a scroll to unravel. Some of the scrolls are words of encouragement and areas that I have seen him grow this year, others are memories and the rest are memories to be made :)

I wanted to look over our calendar from this year to make sure that I had memories that actually happened this year! I was astonished when I read all the things that we have done this year. It will be another post, because I want to look back and remember all that God’s grace allowed us to accomplish: medically, financially, and physically. Here is a peek at Danny’s Advent Calendar, it hangs above his clothes in our closet. It’s just one long red ribbon with scrolls tied to it. I hope he likes it :)

This year we have also begun a scripture Advent for the kids and to do an Advent wreath. It has made the season more meaningful and it has just begun!

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