White Christmas!!

We had a beautiful white Christmas! We played outside and roasted marshmallows while it was still snowing. What fun memories!!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Let us join with the angel voices

Let us join their happy song
All of heaven and earth rejoices
For the Lamb of God has come
He has come to rescue sinners
Come to meet our desperate need
He was born to bring forgiveness
Born for Calvary
Our gingerbread house

Going through stockings

Alleluia, Hope has come
Alleluia, Christ has come
We once were slaves in misery
Till You appeared and set us free
Alleluia, Hope has come
Christmas Breakfast: Cinnamon Buns

Bentley eating his special treat

Marseille not sure what to thing

Let us lay our gifts before Him
Let us magnify His Name
With our thankful hearts adore Him
For the Lord has come to save
He has come to break sin’s power
He has come to set us free
Hope was born that glorious hour
Christ the mighty King
Everyone was excited with their toys!

Alleluia, Hope has come
Alleluia, Christ has come
We once were slaves in misery
Till You appeared and set us free
Alleluia, Hope has come

Fun Times :)

Here are some pictures of our trip to Asheville for our Anniversary and our trip to Downtown :)
The view from the one of the balconies at the Grove Park Inn.

We visited the National Gingerbread Competition that was in the Grove Park Inn.

The house from the movie Up was a winner of the youth category.

I thought this pagoda was cute and clever, especially the popcorn trees.
The grand prize winner! Can you believe that is gingerbread!

Some of the pretty gingerbread houses were pretty amazing!

A frozen waterfall at the Grove Park Inn Spa!

The most unusual antique we found that day. Someone must have sported this phone!

Biltmore Entrance/ Gate House
Falls Park on Christmas Eve!
Riding the elevator to find the Festival of Trees.
All of these ornaments were made out of thin wood, it was really nifty!
The BEST family EVER!!


My how time flies! Happy 5th Anniversary, Danny! I love you so much :)
Danny has the day off today and we are going to look for snow, if the current weather allows! We have a fabulous family watching the kids for us for the day and night :)


I haven’t been posting pictures because I haven’t been motivated to take pictures because my camera is dying. So, with that here are a couple that I did take of my little joys!
Marseille showing her baby how to work Santa’s sleigh.

Playing with rice.

Playing with beans.
Silly Bentley loves his hats!
Getting ready to read Jesus Storybook Bible
Tickle time!

Whew! We made it to December :)

Can you believe that it is already December 1st?! I’m so excited at the thought of Christmas and the beginning of a new year! Today I made an Advent Calendar for Danny. Each day he has a scroll to unravel. Some of the scrolls are words of encouragement and areas that I have seen him grow this year, others are memories and the rest are memories to be made :)

I wanted to look over our calendar from this year to make sure that I had memories that actually happened this year! I was astonished when I read all the things that we have done this year. It will be another post, because I want to look back and remember all that God’s grace allowed us to accomplish: medically, financially, and physically. Here is a peek at Danny’s Advent Calendar, it hangs above his clothes in our closet. It’s just one long red ribbon with scrolls tied to it. I hope he likes it :)

This year we have also begun a scripture Advent for the kids and to do an Advent wreath. It has made the season more meaningful and it has just begun!