Hummm… I’m out of titles

Time for catch up! Pardon the very long post!!
Many of you know that I went to FL a week and a half ago to help out with my sweet sister in law’s wedding… so we’ll start there!
November 4th – Steve and Meghann arrive with the girls for our trek down to FL. Danny and Steve hung out here until the following Thursday, while Meghann and I took all 5 of our kids to FL.
November 5th – My mom picked up Bentley and Marseille for a fun filled week of Disney, the beach and the space shuttle. Meghann and I set up for the party and had SO much fun hanging out and shopping! That evening was Amy’s special shower and bachelorette sleep over! That evening I became slap happy and did not stop giggling the entire trip… and I mean that :)
November 6th – Went for a 4mile run with Amy and Meghann and actually kept up with them, a major feat for me :) We hung out and planned out a couple of days for the up coming week.
November 7th – Attended Metro Life Church. Benny Phillips, one of that pastors, gave me a book and told me that he would like me to start reading it, and the very next day, this book become a huge blessing. Isn’t God so kind!
November 8th – On Friday, Danny told me the that the Bentley and Marseille’s Dr.s left messages at the house to schedule some immediate appointments due to their bloodwork. So, I scrambled to call them and after some confusion, I was able to make the appointment for the Monday that we got back from FL. I was really struggling because the nurses wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and I was trying to keep myself together because I didn’t want to have to tell everyone that we were going to have to leave before the wedding and I really didn’t want to distract from Kaleb and Amy’s day, but most of all I was anxious to know what was wrong with my children! Thankfully, I submitted to Benny’s insistence that I read this book and I did. I sobbed over the pages. I couldn’t believe that God ordained Benny to give me a book about Jesus speaking into my sorrow and to know that he identifies with the loneliness that comes with it. It’s a great book even though I read it through tears. Anyway, the results were Marseille have very low iron and Bentley has very low vitamin D.
The week of the wedding was a blurr… but I will try and keep it simpler:
November 9th and 10th – saw Kaleb and Amy’s apartment, got everything ready- boxing up stuff, folding, gluing, showing people what to set up, etc.
November 11th– SPA day!! We had lovely hot stone leg messages and our nails done. The boys arrived and we had the last supper!
November 12th-Bridesmaid Luncheon, decorated church building, wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
November 13th– Wedding Day!! Walked 4 miles in the morning, with Mom R, Amy and Meghann.
November 14th – HOME!!!
It was a busy week, I fought a UTI the whole trip, but I didn’t end up having to go to the dr :)

November 15th– Marseille is considered anemic because her iron is so low and she has blood in her stools (not visible). Marseille’s iron levels were perfect at her 12 month appointment and now are very low and the only thing that has changed was her drinking milk instead of nursing. So, the Ped. wanted to get the opinion of the GI to see if it could be a milk protein allergy.
November 16th– Marseille 15 month wellness check – has not gained any weight and is now on the supplemental drink that Bentley was on. Also the GI did agree with the Ped. that Marseille’s anemia is connected to a milk protein allergy.
November 17th – Pick up supplemental drink samples from the GI and grocery shopping!
November 18th – Finally back to normal!
November 19th – Physical Therapy
November 20th-21st – Stuck around the house, changed over the children’s clothes (blah! what an overwhelming job) and went to church meeting :)
November 22– Last physical therapy!! Date Night with Danny :)

I have to be honest I am growing very weary. Weary of appointments, thinking, praying, asking. It’s hard to wait, and not see the fruit of being obedient. But God has been so faithful, he has put so many people along my path esp. during my trip, that have encouraged my soul. I received a letter in the mail from a dear friend in FL and I was strengthened by her care and encouragement! Here is a song that has brought many tears and great encouragement to me this week:
Here are the words, if you don’t have time to listen:

Verse 1
Out of the depths, O Lord, I cry to You
When I am tempted to despair
Though I might fail to trust Your promises
You never fail to hear my prayer
And if You judged my sin
Id never stand again
But I see mercy in Your hands

So more than watchmen for the morning
I will wait for You, my God
When my fears come with no warning
In Your Word Ill put my trust
And when the harvest time is over
And I still see no fruit
I will wait
I will wait
For You

Verse 2
The secret mysteries belong to You
We only know what You reveal
And all my questions that are unresolved
Dont change the wisdom of Your will
In every trial and loss
My hope is in the cross
Where Your compassions never fail

Bob Kauflin © 2008
Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)