So, how did it go???

It was a very beautiful, crisp, cool almost cold morning for a run! I had a great time participating in our first half marathon :) Let me just mention that I was very nervous/ excited about this race. It was the same feeling I used to get when I competed in gymnastic meets.

Considering that I just started really running again at the beginning of the month, I didn’t have very high expectations for myself. I knew I wanted to push it, but most of all, I wanted to cross the finish line! Right before the race started Erin and I decided that we would run 1 mile then walk 1 mile, I thought that’s a good plan… I hope I can do that.

The race started off at a great pace for me. I made it to 3 miles without any hesitation, so we just continue on. Plus, I ran the 3 miles, 2 minutes faster than I ever have! Woo whoo, already breaking personal records!! By mile 5, I was beginning to get tired, but Erin and Susanna encouraged me to continue to mile 6. When we got to mile 6, I walked for approx. 30 seconds and realized it was much easier to just keep running. So I did until mile 8!!! I ran 8 miles!! I couldn’t believe it! Mile 9 was very tough because it was hilly, Erin and I were very glad to be walking! We decide to:
walk mile 9
run mile 10
walk mile 11
run mile 12
walk mile 13
run into the stadium to the finish line!

And that is exactly what we did! Erin and Susanna pushed the kids for most of the time, so way to go ladies!! When we stopped my hamstring knotted up and I could hardly walk! Thankfully a little stretching took care of that!

I finished my very first half marathon in 2 hours 42 mins and 40 secs!!! 1 whole hour faster than I was expecting!!! We are already planning on doing it again next year, and even Danny is wanting to do it! :)

Later that afternoon, I was very nervous to take off my shoes. I could feel that I had some major blisters. I did, I’m really hoping that they go away before Amy’s wedding! I have one more toenail that has lifted and might fall off! My leg muscles are really tight and it’s hard to bend down, and my ankles are a little sore, other than that I’m doing pretty good!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! Thank you also if you made a donation to the PKD foundation!

I can’t believe that I did it!! AHH!!

AH! 3 More Days!!

My race is coming up so quickly!!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. My birthday was just here! Within a month of training, I went from running just a mile to running a 5K and I have walked 10 miles at once! I’m feeling ready for the race, even though I am getting nervous :)

My feet have not had much fun with training! I’m down to 8 toenails, two large nasty blisters– where my toenails fell off, and 18 miscellaneous blisters around my toes, arches and heels!! I’m sad that I will not have pretty feet and toenails for Amy’s wedding in two weeks!!
Oh well, Saturday is supposed to be beautiful and chilly. I’m praying that we are all safe, that no one gets hurt, that the kids do well, and that we finish. That’s a lot to ask!

Exciting news :)

Bentley and Marseille’s check up went well yesterday. Bentley’s blood pressure was just above normal and Marseille’s was normal! Thanking God for medicine and the grace to remember to give it to them twice a day :) The doctor was pleased and doesn’t want to see them again until January. Can you BELIEVE it!!! No appointments until the new year!! I’m am SO excited.

My shoulder is getting better and stronger. Though I have developed a twitch that brings my head and shoulder together at the same time. Now, all I need is for my eye to twitch and I’ll thoroughly look crazy :) The physical therapist said that the tension causing the twitching should go away once my shoulder is back to normal. I hope so!
As far as our sicknesses go, we are all pretty much better! We’ll all be entering back into society this week :)

PKD Foundation

The PKD Foundation just sent us a letter in the mail and it had a picture of a polycystic kidney on it. If you don’t know what that looks like… well, here you go! The one on the left is the diseased kidney and the right is a healthy kidney.
It’s definitely not very pretty! It’s a wonder that a kidney could even function looking like that! They can weigh up to 40 lbs! I cannot believe that this is what Bentley and Marseille’s kidneys already look like. Bleck!
On a lighter note, I’m only $65 from my $500 goal! If you haven’t donated to the PKD Foundation and would like to, please do!! Visit my page here. Thank you to all the families that have donated!
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