He’s none stop!

Last night Bentley did a great job eating his food, so Danny decided to give him a treat. I had made some Blondies the night before and they were the treat of choice. As soon as, Bentley saw them he was so excited that he was getting a cookie.

I asked him, as he was carefully devouring his cookie, “Bentley is that a good treat?”
Bentley: “This is a cookie, not a treat.”
Me: “Well, then what’s a treat?”
Bentley: “You go pee-pee in the potty and get a treat!”
Me: “Yes, you’re right Bentley!”
We were laughing so hard! This past week, among many other things, I had tried to start potty training Bentley. After 5 days of not understanding, we stopped. Having physical therapy two mornings a week doesn’t really aid the process! So, we decided after the holidays would be best! If anything, it has helped him realized when he’s gone potty, now if we could help him learn the sensation of having to go potty!

Making Pasta!

One of my very best friends and kindred spirit taught me how to make pasta last week. We had the date on the calendar for over a month! We had so much fun and my family enjoyed the finished product! I made pesto with basil from Ann’s garden, sadly my garden is dead! It turned out wonderful! Thank you so much Ann, for teaching me so many wonderful things, inside and out of the kitchen :)

The pasta before cooking:

The pasta with the pesto:
The kiddos loving the pasta…

AH, it almost been a month!!

Whew! I can’t believe it’s already October!! Well, in a couple of days anyway!! Yay, the beginning of that wonderful month is marked by my birthday!! I love birthdays!

Well, here is the down and dirty!
-Had a successful trip to FL to help Amy with her wedding!
– Danny’s parents trip was shortened to to well problems :(
-We had a great vacation in Charleston — it went by too fast
-Marseille is walking- a whole 2 months earlier than when Bentley started walking!!
-My physical therapy is going great. It’s hard and I am sore!! I might be completely done by late October!
-I started receiving donations for the PKD Foundation! Please donate here!!
-I’ve been making different photo shoot props for Naisang Photography :)
-I helped Amy with her wedding invites :)
-My bridesmaid dress was ordered, and came it, but it doesn’t fit :( After a long chain of emails with the company and a final decision from the bride, they are going back to China!
– Started to potty train Bentley… didn’t go so well!
– I cooked a 5 course French meal complete with Escargot and Boeuf Bourguignon and it was delicious!!
– I received BOTH volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking for my birthday!! Which I was completely shocked by and am so excited to start cooking from!!!
-Danny gave me a French rolling pin and a little ice cream scoop for cookies and such!! I’m really excited that I will have the correct rolling pin to make croissants!!
-Tomorrow is Bentley and Marseille’s Dr. appointment, hopefully their blood pressure medication is kicking in!
And so that has been our life for the past month! Sprinkled with sickness here and there. Poor Bentley every time he gets a little cold, he has to do breathing treatments :( Right now he is still in the middle of one!