Picture Update

Here is the past month in pictures! A picture says a thousand words, so this will be a REALLY long post :) You’ll have to excuse the grainy pictures… my camera is dying :( Check out my sewing blog for a picture update too!

Bent-ley blow it!

The Radical Womanhood Ladies Retreat. Knoxville, TN

I don’t know how she keeps getting out of her clothes!!

The girl can find trouble!


He loves to copy his daddy!

She can pull up to standing and take steps the the side. Not quite cruising yet!

Bentley loves to push Marseille around (in a good way).

He loves to play with dried beans.

A trip to the zoo.

A little learning here and there!

Bentley loves pancakes. He took the whole stack and put them on his plate!

She plucked some of my basil and tried it. Didn’t seem interested in that either!

Bentley put his alligator hat on Marseille, she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe we have another hat wearer in the house!


Busy, busy, busy

We have been very busy the last two weeks! My bridesmaids dresses are coming to an end. I have a few more sewing project for others and quite a few for me!! So, needless to say, we have been busy, busy, busy. Pictures to come!

Plus, this weekend is Mother’s Day! Which means, put in the garden!! YAY!