Can’t find me on Facebook?

Yes, I have deactivated my Facebook account. I know that may make things inconvenient for some of you, but it was something that I needed to do for this season. There are a two big reason.
Envy – The GirlTalk blog recently did a series on the topic, and I realize that a lot of my envy starts on the computer. I see cool pictures, healthy children, amazing husbands, and I get jealous. Instead of rejoicing with others, I find myself comparing and questioning God with my circumstances. Not really helpful!
Time – Fb has been a productivity killer for me. It’s another place I feel like I have to check. Carolyn Mahaney said that for young mom’s the computer can be a way of escape. That has been true for me. It’s a way for me find so much stuff that I neglect the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing!! Cutting Fb out significantly reduces my time on the computer!

Due to my current season, I just don’t see how Fb is pushing me towards Godliness and so I took the plunge! But, I have to warn you, I might never go back!! So, if I ever come to your mind while you are on Fb, pray for me!



I actually made pita… and it had a pocket in it :) I made it for our Middle Eastern date. It was really fun and easy. I have so much updating to do!

Marseille Update

Hey there everyone! It’s been a little while and I want to give everyone the news before too much time has passed. Recently Marseille had an ultrasound to check her kidneys to makes sure that she doesn’t have PKD. Well, the ultrasound actually confirmed that she does have PKD.
As of right now, her kidneys are slightly enlarged, they do have cysts. Her liver is okay, but it’s not a smooth as they like to see. Also, her bile duct is enlarge and there is fluid in her stomach. When they took her blood pressure it was a little high. Her blood work came back stable, so she will not see the doctors until July, when Bentley goes back.

God’s grace is all over us right now. We are doing well. We really are! We know that God is in control and we are taking it one day at a time because God’s grace is sufficent for today :)I will have a post soon all about that, but I really haven’t had any time to post. I’ve been sewing up a storm! Bridesmaids dresses, alterations, and presents! There will be more to come!!