Project 52: Date Nights

Okay, let’s catch up on our date nights!

February: Week 2: B date night!
We ended up at eating at Brixx, a really cool pizza place. I was really excited because I had a buy one, get one coupon, so we ate for half the price! Another reason for excitement was because Danny tried something new. Even though the next time we go he said he’ll stick to he usual, I was very happy that he tried something new!

We sat at the back of the restaurant facing the window, which was another area of gratefulness because we weren’t going to be distracted by anyone! While waiting for the pizza to come we played a word game, that we really stunk at! But it was a good laugh.

Then we ended up going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Best Buy. Which wasn’t the plan, but it was better! I’m really trying to hold my plans loosely, because when I don’t I become angry and we don’t have a good time at all!

So, it was a very successful date night!

Feburary: Week 3: Game Night

I made homemade chicken wings! It was so easy. Our sides were raw carrots and celery, and pizza rolls! So, healthy I know, but it was game night! Then we played UNO, and I actually won twice! I couldn’t believe it. We ended the night watching Evan Almighty. A movie with a lot of laughs!

Another, successful date :)

Feburary: Week 4: World Travelers – Canada

This was a great date! I have to commend Danny for going along with it! I love being creative and silly! This date was looking like it wasn’t going to turn out, but God really blessed it and we had a great time.
Danny had a men’s meeting in the morning, and demolition at a friend’s house and I still had to go grocery shopping, cook and decorate for the evening. It was a lot of work, and I had a blast doing it. Esp. when I saw Danny’s face after he saw the mess I made in the kitchen making everything :)

I made Tourtière – a meat pie from Quebec (yay for French things!) and Nanaimo Bars – a famous Canadian dessert. Both turned out great! We both loved the Tourtière and it will be added to our family recipes. The Nanaimo Bars were sooooo sweet. I love the bottom layer! This might sound gross, but we had some leftover Kool-Aid, and Canada Dry so we mixed it together and had “Raspberry Cordial” like Anne of Green Gables. So, I think in everything we ate it spanned most of Canada! While eating dinner we listened to Celine Dion’s French albums.
The Tourtière has O Canada, eh? written in it, with a maple leaf.

The Nanaimo Bars on our special date night plates

After dinner we watched a travel DVD I rented from the library. It was very entertaining, like a male version of Samantha Brown. Then, I handed Danny a small scrapbook passport and I had Canadian stickers to put in them, but they didn’t work. (They were really old, from the last time I was in Canada!) So, I’ll have to get some new ones before our next trip! We’ll be off to Ireland!

Date nights are so fun! We have really been enjoying our special time together :)
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8 thoughts on “Project 52: Date Nights”

  1. wow! those were all great dates! and can i just commend you on all those delicious looking canadian food? you need to put the recipes up on my recipes swap (if you haven't yet). i was without a computer for 4 days, so now i'm trying to catch up. so i haven't looked at the recipes links yet. and congrats canada on winning hockey gold! tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  2. Your date looked like a lot of fun! Loved all the pics. I saw that I love you plate at target! =) Those desserts look yummy too!!! Please consider making for mini cg.

  3. Yea, Nikki! You're doing a great job and having fun in the process. Imagine years from now as you continue to romance your husband in this way – the fruit will be sweeter than those Canadian Namanimo bars…:-)Debi

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