This was the first thing Bentley got into too!

I cannot believe that my little Marseille is 7 months old! She is a funny little thing. When she smiles her whole face scrunches up. She loves to make vowel sounds and scream. She is quite the screamer. Right now she is towards the end of getting her first two bottom teeth. They are right there, just a little bit of gums covering them. She can sort of sit up, but the kicker is that she is mobile. She sees what she wants and goes after it!

She still adores Bentley, he can pretty much always make her smile. Lately, he has gladly given up his chair so that she can sit in it, and is always concerned that she must have a cracker. Thoughtful boy!

Solid food means nothing to the girl yet. I’ve tried several times and she just spits it right out. Though, I’m not in a hurry. She sleeps through the night, and actually they both sleep in the same room! YAY!

So, for right now she is doing well!


2 thoughts on “Marseille”

  1. Marseille is adorable! Can't believe she is getting around so well. And that big brother watching out for her the way he does, how sweet. Glad they are doing so well sleeping in the same room. Love you all,Mom

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