Allergy Free

Bentley has been cleared from any food allergies! Praise God! A new world has just opened up to him!!!
He had yogurt at his Food Challenge appointment yesterday, and he tolerated it. We just have to take it slow introducing new foods to him!


Check out what my hands have been up to…

Going to the park – Thank you Abbi and Esther for loving our babies!

Giving sewing lesson – the girls played while their mommies’ worked!

Recovering chairs – check out the whole chair on More Than Jewels

Teaching letters

Making Laundry Detergent – A whole 5 gallon bucket is produced from this mixture!

Grilling – Italian Dressing Chicken, Grilled Asparagus and Rice

Bouncing in bounce houses – Our new toy!

Brainstorming – We don’t show our “secrets”
Sewing – More Than Jewels.


Well, I must say that this has been quite that winter for us. We are all doing much better, but still not 100% well. This stomach bug was a nasty bug, and I’m rejoicing in the fact that we should never get it again :) I cannot believe how cold it still is and we are one full week into March! Spring, where are you? We’ll be moving from sickness to allergy season, YES! At least it will be warmer and we’ll be planting our garden. That makes me excited!

Baby Mum-Mum

For those of you who have asked about Baby Mum-Mum they are rice crackers for infants and toddlers. I discovered them when we took Bentley off of wheat and he was teething. He loved them and, now, Marseille does too:) Ironically, they have them at Walmart, but not Whole Foods or Earth Fare!

Project 52: Date Nights

Okay, let’s catch up on our date nights!

February: Week 2: B date night!
We ended up at eating at Brixx, a really cool pizza place. I was really excited because I had a buy one, get one coupon, so we ate for half the price! Another reason for excitement was because Danny tried something new. Even though the next time we go he said he’ll stick to he usual, I was very happy that he tried something new!

We sat at the back of the restaurant facing the window, which was another area of gratefulness because we weren’t going to be distracted by anyone! While waiting for the pizza to come we played a word game, that we really stunk at! But it was a good laugh.

Then we ended up going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Best Buy. Which wasn’t the plan, but it was better! I’m really trying to hold my plans loosely, because when I don’t I become angry and we don’t have a good time at all!

So, it was a very successful date night!

Feburary: Week 3: Game Night

I made homemade chicken wings! It was so easy. Our sides were raw carrots and celery, and pizza rolls! So, healthy I know, but it was game night! Then we played UNO, and I actually won twice! I couldn’t believe it. We ended the night watching Evan Almighty. A movie with a lot of laughs!

Another, successful date :)

Feburary: Week 4: World Travelers – Canada

This was a great date! I have to commend Danny for going along with it! I love being creative and silly! This date was looking like it wasn’t going to turn out, but God really blessed it and we had a great time.
Danny had a men’s meeting in the morning, and demolition at a friend’s house and I still had to go grocery shopping, cook and decorate for the evening. It was a lot of work, and I had a blast doing it. Esp. when I saw Danny’s face after he saw the mess I made in the kitchen making everything :)

I made Tourtière – a meat pie from Quebec (yay for French things!) and Nanaimo Bars – a famous Canadian dessert. Both turned out great! We both loved the Tourtière and it will be added to our family recipes. The Nanaimo Bars were sooooo sweet. I love the bottom layer! This might sound gross, but we had some leftover Kool-Aid, and Canada Dry so we mixed it together and had “Raspberry Cordial” like Anne of Green Gables. So, I think in everything we ate it spanned most of Canada! While eating dinner we listened to Celine Dion’s French albums.
The Tourtière has O Canada, eh? written in it, with a maple leaf.

The Nanaimo Bars on our special date night plates

After dinner we watched a travel DVD I rented from the library. It was very entertaining, like a male version of Samantha Brown. Then, I handed Danny a small scrapbook passport and I had Canadian stickers to put in them, but they didn’t work. (They were really old, from the last time I was in Canada!) So, I’ll have to get some new ones before our next trip! We’ll be off to Ireland!

Date nights are so fun! We have really been enjoying our special time together :)
Project 52: Date Nights logo


This was the first thing Bentley got into too!

I cannot believe that my little Marseille is 7 months old! She is a funny little thing. When she smiles her whole face scrunches up. She loves to make vowel sounds and scream. She is quite the screamer. Right now she is towards the end of getting her first two bottom teeth. They are right there, just a little bit of gums covering them. She can sort of sit up, but the kicker is that she is mobile. She sees what she wants and goes after it!

She still adores Bentley, he can pretty much always make her smile. Lately, he has gladly given up his chair so that she can sit in it, and is always concerned that she must have a cracker. Thoughtful boy!

Solid food means nothing to the girl yet. I’ve tried several times and she just spits it right out. Though, I’m not in a hurry. She sleeps through the night, and actually they both sleep in the same room! YAY!

So, for right now she is doing well!

A Contest!

I just found out about this contest, and I am SOOOOOO excited about it! There are some really great prizes. I hope that I win something! I’ll keep you posted on my projects. You can enter 5, and I’m planning on doing that! It ends the first of April!

If you sew and would like to enter. Here’s your chance!