Saturday Fun

Today we had a qutie a bit of fun!

Bentley helped his Daddy wash the car. Mostly he played in the bubbles. He also caught and released one grasshopper and two beetles. He actually caught them and released them on his own. I was really happy that he didn’t kill them. Bentley also learned how to walk on the grass. He has been afraid of it for a while. He would take a step or two and panic and want to hold our hands. But today he figured out how to walk on it and pick weeds and flowers. Danny declared him the new yard weeder!

After Bentley took an afternoon nap, we headed to Frankie’s Fun Park. Danny’s company was having a get together there. We recieve 3 cards with 5 attractions and $15 on them. We played mini golf– well kind of. The best you can with one little one strapped on you and the other running around. Danny did the batting cages. We all did the arcade games. We actually won 200 tickets. Enough to get Bentley a little truck worth no more than a dollar! And of course, Marseille slept the whole time. She loves being wrapped up on me!
Johnny Rockets is in the park, so we ate there for dinner. All in all we had a great time. We spent all the money, but we have 12 attractions left. The cards don’t expire so we are going to use the rest for date nights! We are excited about that!!

Here’s some pictures of the morning.


Let me know what you think!

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