My sweet little girl!

We had Marseille’s 2 month check up yesterday! She weighs 10.5lbs and is 22″! So, she is growing and gaining weight well. She sleeps from about 8pm until somewhere between 2-4am at night. Which I am grateful for! She has slept through the night several times, usually Wednesday nights. She smiles and talks. For her laugh, she srunches up her nose and breathes really fast. It’s so cute. She is very aware of her surroundings and loves to look around. She has streches of awake time sometimes lasting about 2 hrs.. Which is fun, because she is learning to like the swing. We think she is so funny because she gets angry really fast, and lets us know when she wants to be held. She’s a feisty little thing! Overall, she is shaping out to be a pretty good baby. Right now she is sitting in my arms fairly content — other than her spitting up it’s rather plesant!

She’s talking to you!

Laughing and smiling!

Trying to figure out the pacifier!

Well, now the she is screaming! So much for the peace!


Quick Bentley Update

Bentley’s favorite: Food and Cars… what a boy!

Bentley had a NICU follow up appointment last week. They were very pleased with his development, but had some concerns with his flexibilty and his physical development. His ribcage is spread very wide and so are his shoulder blades on his back. When he sits he hunches over his large belly. So, today we went for his occupational Therapy evaluation. Stacy, his therapist, was extremely nice, and Bentley took right to her. She will be focusing on myofascial release. Helping to strengthen the muscles that are too relaxed and create flexiblity around his ribcage. The will be using Kinesiotaping (a flexible tape that will stay on for a little while) on his back to engage his muscles and help him straighten up. Right now, Stacy’s goals are to help him become more flexible, help his range of motion (it’s cut short because of his belly), help him breath from his chest instead of his belly, and correct his posture. They feel that this is very important for him, esp. if he were to have a transplant and his stomach would go down, he wouldn’t have the support in his body that he needs to have proper posture. She’s going to contact the GI to make sure that what she wants to do isn’t going to inhibit anything. I’m very excited for Bentley to have the opportunity to help his growing body. I pray that God would really use this to help him! I’m really glad and thankful that right now he enjoys it. The goal right now is once a week for six months. (To some that might seem like a long time, but for those who have got through any sort of therapy it isn’t unexpected.) We’ll keep you updated!

Saturday Fun

Today we had a qutie a bit of fun!

Bentley helped his Daddy wash the car. Mostly he played in the bubbles. He also caught and released one grasshopper and two beetles. He actually caught them and released them on his own. I was really happy that he didn’t kill them. Bentley also learned how to walk on the grass. He has been afraid of it for a while. He would take a step or two and panic and want to hold our hands. But today he figured out how to walk on it and pick weeds and flowers. Danny declared him the new yard weeder!

After Bentley took an afternoon nap, we headed to Frankie’s Fun Park. Danny’s company was having a get together there. We recieve 3 cards with 5 attractions and $15 on them. We played mini golf– well kind of. The best you can with one little one strapped on you and the other running around. Danny did the batting cages. We all did the arcade games. We actually won 200 tickets. Enough to get Bentley a little truck worth no more than a dollar! And of course, Marseille slept the whole time. She loves being wrapped up on me!
Johnny Rockets is in the park, so we ate there for dinner. All in all we had a great time. We spent all the money, but we have 12 attractions left. The cards don’t expire so we are going to use the rest for date nights! We are excited about that!!

Here’s some pictures of the morning.

Sky Top and the Zoo Part 2

Last Saturday, we packed up the car and headed to Sky Top. We went there last year with Bentley and had a great time. I hope that we will make it there again this year and continue to make it a tradition for our family. Bentley really enjoyed it this year. He was able to pick a couple of apples. His favorite part was sitting in the stroller and taking a bite out of the apples out of the basket and put them back in.

We also went to the local downtown and grabbed some delicious pizza. The town was not stroller friendly. We spent a lot of time figuring out how we were going to cross the street. Anyway. As we were circling around the building, my eyes met with a couple walking down the street. All of a sudden I realized I knew them, but could not remember their names. Out of no where I shouted out, “Karen.” She turned a looked at me and she realized who I was. It was amazing! We had attended church together in FL and I used to watch their children. They are no longer in FL, so it was great catching up with them. They were in the area for their anniversary and were going to be coming to our church the next day. Steve and Karen, I hope that you enjoyed your anniversary and that found and enjoyed our downtown!

Sept 14, 2008

Sept 5, 2009

The Zoo… we went to the zoo on Labor Day. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for the zoo. It was quite crowded. Of course, the biggest animals were first. The elephants. When we walked up everyone was saying, “Ewwww” and “Oh my gosh!” Well, the man next to us asked us if we saw what happened. We had not, but were curious because we could see the evidence. He politely told us that the elephant that was eating, had gotten what she was eating directly from the source. That’s right. The other elephant got a free colonoscopy! And yes the Dr. was eating it! We didn’t linger to long! Bentley enjoyed naming animals and pointing at them. As long as they were moving and didn’t blend in with their surroundings he saw them.
Recently, Bentley has been making other animal noises such as neigh neigh, moo moo and baa baa. When we came up to the giraffes he immediately said, “Neigh, neigh!” And when we came up to the sign for the orangutans he said, “Moo, moo!” It was so cute! He had a great time at the zoo and was able to play on the swings at the playground outside of the zoo. He loves to swing! So it was a real treat for him.

Thanks Mom for a great weekend :)

Oh, I almost forgot. While we were at the zoo waiting to get in there was a little girl that kept looking at Bentley. Then she started to pet Bentley’s head. It was kinda funny! But then when we were at the giraffes there was a little girl trying to feed Bentley one of the crackers for the animals. That I wasn’t okay with! But it was still kind of funny!

Sky Top and the Zoo

Last Thursday Danny’s mom came into town. It has been a big help! Bentley is loving the extra attention :) On Saturday, we went to Sky Top to pick apples. We had a great time. The weather was perfect. Then on Labor Day we went to the zoo. Bentley has not been to the zoo since he was about 6 months so it was a new experience for him! He loved it and will definitely be bring him back :)

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week.

Marseille at 6 weeks.

Bentley loves balloons much to his father’s dismay.

Pickin’ apples!

Our family :)

Three Roberts generations looking at these elephants – this one has a story!

Bentley and the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig

I will be doing a more indepth post soon :) with slide shows because there are a lot more pictures to share… and some with stories :)

6 Week Check-Up

This morning, I had my six week postpartum check up. Every thing went well. My tear is pretty much completely healed, and I have no more bleeding! YAY! I asked my Dr. to check my abs for Diastasis recti — the separation of your ab muscles. To both of our surprise my separation is only 1 cm! Which means I am totally clear to workout and get back to normal life. The Dr. was very surprised that the separation wasn’t worse since I have had two babies that are close together. Over all it was a quick, and relatively painless visit :)

I can’t believe that it has already been six weeks since Marseille was born. Time is going by quickly. I’m sad that she has already caught a cold, but I guess that is life! She’s doing well other than that. I’m just thankful for the 5 hour chunks that she sleeps at night.

Bentley is doing well, dispite his cold too. He is beginning to be himself again. Though we have begun to see changes in him because he realizes that he is not getting as much attention as he would like. The result is his is extra whiney. I’ve begun to cut out his morning nap. Some might say that is crazy right now since I need the extra rest, but he needs time alone with me. When I do this I notice that he doesn’t whine as much when I am occupied with Marseille’s needs. Lately, I have been letting him paint and reading a lot of books with him. He loves books. Or we will just sit down on the couch and watch Cars together. He especially likes that!

Other than them being sick, everything is going pretty smoothly. I’m just excited to be able to get running again, and this time Danny wants to run with me :)