The long awaited update

Well, we are doing well. The adjustment of having two children hasn’t been near as difficult as I thought it would be — totally God’s grace. Yesterday, we had Marseille’s 1 month and Bentley’s 18 month check up, after that we headed to Babies R Us, Target and Bloom… yes… we did all that together! I was exhausted! I think the hardest part about running errands with two infants is making sure that there is a shopping cart near by!

The appointments went well. Bentley is still growing and gaining weight. He’s up to a whopping 19lbs 5oz! We are almost to 20lbs! While the little piggy Marseille gained 1lb 5oz in two weeks! She is now 8lbs 5oz. Both got shots :( And are otherwise in good health.

Marseille does have a hernia in her belly button. The doctor said it was small, about the size of a pencil eraser and will most likely resolve by the time she is 4yrs. Her jaundice is completely cleared, but her lovely baby acne has set in!

Danny has been busy at work and seems to be getting home late most night. Which actually works out because I can feed Bentley, get dinner ready, nurse Marseille and then we can eat dinner. Bentley has been going to bed at 8pm instead of 7pm to ensure some time with Danny. Which both of them love!

I’m doing well. Now that we are past the first month, I feel much better and can manage without a nap during the day — though it’s nice to have. I found out that I’m not much of a fan of the new newborn stage. I really love it after about 3 weeks. I had a hard time controlling my milk supply — way too much for a tiny newborn which makes a big wet sticky mess. Especially since all Marseille wanted to do was nurse and nurse at times for 4 hours spans with no naps in between. Not that things have changed much! Marseille is very alert and sturdy. She loves to pick her head up and look at me or around. That is another thing. She is very wiggly and doesn’t cuddle– which I kinda figured was coming since every ultrasound the technicians mentioned how wiggly she was. Oh well, maybe one day God will bless me with a cuddly baby!

Marseille at two weeks

Other than caring for Bentley and Marseille, dinner has been getting on the table every night and the house stays decently clean. I have been doing a little sewing and soon I will have some things ready to start my line. The logos are getting ready to be worked on. So, I hope to have some things on sale in late September- early October. Mostly, baby accessories until I can get a little money to purchase fabric to do girl’s clothes and boy accessories. I’m getting really excited about it!

Bentley did all of this by himself — he loves hats and thinks of the couch arm cover as one.

Lastly, Bentley! My! how he has changed! He is such a big ham, and a helper. He gets me diapers for Marseille, and will put the dirty laundry in the hamper, puts things back where he gets them, and loves to get into everything!!! He seems so mature now that Marseille is here. Which he loves, loves, loves her. He loves to kiss her, touch her, try and give her a pacifer when she is crying. He is going to be a great big brother. He is doing a lot of imitating with words and gestures. Which is a lot of fun. He knows where his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, knees, and elbows — which he calls bellbows– are. Everytime he hears an airplane, he points to the sky. He loves cars and the movie Cars. He laughs a lot and is a blast. He is getting in five teeth right now. Four molars and the fourth bottom tooth! Danny and I are really enjoying his new stage… it’s a ton of fun!

Well, I’ve got to go. My tapping on the keys has finally woken Marseille up…so, au revoir!Sorry this update is so long!


It’s goin’

We are doing well, but right now Marseille is not happy… I’ve pushed being on the computer to the limit. I will have an update soon :)

AND a big thank you to Kelli and her son Boaz for our new blog picture! Isn’t it great?!