Happy Birthday!

Name: Marseille Thi Roberts :)
Born: Thursday, July 23, 2009
Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz (only one ounce bigger than Bentley!)
Length: 20.5 inches

She got the black hair we were hoping for!

Our little glow worm has jaundice so she had to have some “tanning” treatment!

Birth story to come… when my bum isn’t so sore!


Kidney Appointment

Sorry that this is a little overdue. I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days, and that has made me really tired! Anyway!

The ultrasound showed that Bentley’s kidneys are pretty much the same except they are even larger than last time. The Dr. said that this is a trait of the disease and it will eventually taper off. I asked to see if it was harmful or causing any pain and the Dr. said that it wasn’t. I’m thankful for that!

About a week ago I found a toy Dr. kit at Babies R Us, so I bought it for him to practice getting his blood pressure taken. It help tremendously! He got a little nervous, but he didn’t cry at all when they took his blood pressure. They are trying to follow his blood pressure closely because of his hypertension, so I was extremely grateful that he did so well. Thankfully, he is on the high end of normal so we are safe right now. The Dr. said most children with the disease have to go on a blood pressure medicine and it will probably be likely that he will have to too. I’m praying that he won’t have to.

All of Bentley’s blood work came back looking good. His kidney function is fine. There was one test that came back high, the Alkaline Phosphate– which is an enzyme that the bones and liver produce. The Dr. said that he would call the GI to find out what she wanted to do about it. His Vitamin D levels were fine, which was one thing that GI had us on a Rx for (an extremely high dose for a short time).

It was a good visit. The next step is genetic testing for Bentley and a 3 months follow up with the Nephrologist. There we will get the script for the genetic testing and more bloodwork. In 6 months we will have another ultrasound.

We are just thankful that right now he is still stable. The doctor’s seem pleased with his growth, weight gain and development. God had been very kind to us!


Bentley came out of the nursery with a bow and bracelet that was given to Marseille. So, I humored him and put them on him. He thought he was so cool! The sunglasses are his and he actually enjoys wearing them!

Bentley’s Fun Day

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. So, Bentley and I got dressed up and headed for some free breakfast at Chick-fil-a. I couldn’t believe how much Bentley liked getting dressed up — well paper taped to him! He laughed and laughed as I put on my spots, ears and silly nose, but laughed even more when I put them on him! Bentley enjoyed drinking from a juice box. I think that he liked that the best. There was only one other family dressed up. It was kind of sad. As we were leaving we bumped into some friends from our church!

Here we are getting ready to go in:

Bentley and his juice box:

Danny went on call on Friday, so I decided to go back to Chick-fil-a for a late lunch/dinner and since I had no idea when he would be home and didn’t feel like cooking (if I could get a free meal); we got dressed up again. Surprisingly, Bentley was very excited about it. This time we got full meals for free, so I got to bring some home! There was a “baby cow” at this Chick-fil-a, and Bentley eyed her the whole time and kept saying, “mooo, mooo.” Well, after we finished eating I brought him to see her and he was fine until she reached out to touch him. He screamed, it was so funny. He quickly told her “bye, bye.” But, he went up to her again and once she when to touch him he started to cry. So, I didn’t get to get his picture with her. Next time!
My cute cow:

The boy knows french fries!

His concerned look at the cow:

The end of Cow Appreciation Day:

After we went to Chick-fil-a the second time, I brought him to Petland. I let him walk around which is a big deal for him. He went from the bunnies, to the puppies, to the birds. He loved being able to see what he wanted to. It was very fun to watch. When we got home it was nice out, so we did bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Then when Danny got home, he took Bentley on the go-cart. Bentley LOVES the go-cart. To top it all off, he ended the day with some Corn Pops. A very big treat for him! He is such a sweet boy and I’m enjoying these last days of him being my only baby!

Having fun with my boy:

How Bentley does sidewalk chalk… walk around with it!

Sidewalk chalk and a busy boy:

Danny and Bentley enjoying the ride!

Enjoying his dessert of Corn Pops:

Medical Updates

I wrote this last night, but needed to proof is some…

Well, so far this week has been a little crazy. I had my final ultrasound for Marseille on Monday. She is looking great. Her bladder and kidneys look great. Her organs are showing no signs of any disease. She is very nestled in a head down position — also good news! She weighs around 6 lbs. and is still on target for Aug 9th. So we are counting down the days!

Yesterday, we went to the hospital for Bentley’s ultrasound (US) only to find out that it was scheduled for 7/8. So, we woke up early for nothing! Well, in God’s kindness it was a reminder that Bentley needed to fast for his US.

So, this morning we got up and went to the hospital again. On the drive to the hospital, I started having contractions. Real contractions, from my belly around to my back. So, I began praying, drinking water and trying to relax. Thankfully, when we pulled into the hospital they went away! I felt terrible drinking in front of Bentley. I kept thinking, “oh no, we are going to get there and they are going to see that I’m in pain and want to admit me, but we don’t have time for that!” (Ironically and sadly, in the waiting room there was a man that they wanted to admit for a heart attack, while his wife was waiting for a radiology appointment.)

Poor Bentley was so hungry and they were running so far behind. I was getting very angry because Bentley was so hungry and we had another appointment to keep, plus he had to get blood work. Our appointment was a 8:30AM, we go there at 8AM and they didn’t bring us back until 10:00AM!!! I told the technincan that Bentley was very hungry and she let him eat while she did the US. Which calmed him right down. After the US, the technician met with the Radiologist to make sure that she got everything that she needed to. She came back with in 5 mins. and didn’t have much to report, so no news is good news. Praise God! Last time the technical took an hour with the Radiologist!

After the US, we booked over the waiting room for lab work. I was really nervous about this because the friend that had planned on coming with us had another appointment and couldn’t come. So, I was going to have to hold Bentley on my lap while he got his blood work done! Which was going to be hard considering half of my lap is taken up by my huge belly!! Thankfully, they were able to do a finger prick anc collect three little viles of blood. Bentley did so well!! He didn’t even wince when his finger was pricked and was laughing and smiling as they collected the blood! God was very kind to me today!

We actually made it to our GI appointment about 10mins early. Just as I sat down in the waiting room they called us back. Danny met us there and we were seen pretty quickly. Bentley has gained another pound, 18lbs 8oz, and grew about an inch and a half! Which is great news. His height and weight proportion are good and on the chart. His progress, while not on the growth chart, is following the same upward slope. The GI was encouraged by this. Bentley will have to stay on the nutritional drink until his is two then they will re-evaluate his dairy intolerance. Otherwise, everything is looking good. He has another appointment in 6 months, and then they will have his liver function tested again. They won’t check his liver by US for another year. Everything is so far out because the liver is functioning properly, and he is showing no signs of needing urgent care. Signs of needing emergency care are vomiting blood and swelling.

By the time we got home, Bentley and I were exhausted and took naps! Thank goodness that we have no other appointments this week. Next week, Bentley has a kidney appointment, where we will get the results of the US, and I have my 36 week checkup. After that it’s weekly check ups for me!

Bentley’s blanket time

While working on organinzing Marseille’s shower gifts, Bentley had some blanket time. I turned on the Disney Channel and Imagination Movers was on. He enjoys that show more than Handy Manny. I think it’s because they sing. Bentley was given this elephant at my shower. Thank you, Rawlings! Here he is checking it out: