Will things ever slow down!

Well, we have been very busy the past couple of weeks.

My parents were in town this past weekend. Which means, we got to spend Mother’s and Father’s Day with my parents! We also had our church picnic last weekend, and everyone was able to surprise our pastor and thank him for 20 years of being in the ministry! What a gift he is to our family.

Our Father’s day was very relaxed. We went out to eat with my parents, who left right after lunch, than we came back and took a very long nap. Earlier that week we gave Danny his presents. He got a nice pair of brown flip flops and a box Hot Tamales. He was excited about the flip flops, they are identical to a pair of black ones that he owns, but they were half the price!

I have been doing a lot of sewing. I wish that I could say that it has been for Marseille, but it hasn’t. We have a number of babies being born in our church and I have been making gifts for baby showers. Here is a burp cloth that I monogrammed by hand! It was a lot of work, but I LOVED doing it! It’s very relaxing to me.

This is a nursing cover and a pacifier holder that I also made:

Bentley is quite the little man. He is practically running now. I love that he can pick things up and hand them to me if I drop them. He is getting pretty good at remembering where he gets things, so if I ask him to “clean up and put it way”… he usually gets it right! Yesterday, he was helping me dust the house. I encourage him to help me clean, because he will have to as he gets older!

He has become very animated recently. He has developed a few funny faces that he like to make. He laughs very hard now, like a boy and Danny really enjoys that. Danny and Bentley LOVE to take rides on the go-cart that we have at the house right now. Bentley genuinely loves it! It’s great that at such a young age he is such a boy!

Bentley has also been attending Children’s Ministry/ Nursery on Sunday’s. We decided to start now before his whole world is turned upside down when Marseille is here. The first week, we had to get him halfway through the message. He has done well for the past three weeks. Hopefully, he will enjoy going!

I have my 33/34 week appointment tomorrow morning. This will be my second appointment at this practice and I won’t be able to see the midwife. I’m pretty bummed about that because I have a list of questions to ask her. At my last appointment, she could only see me for 15 mins after about an hour and 45 minutes of waiting! I like her a lot, but am not impressed with the system!

Last night Philip and Ashley came over for dinner. The guys watched part of Band of Brothers, while Ashley and I worked on decorations for my shower on Saturday! I’m so excited! The shower is going to look great! Ashley has made sure of that. She is so excited about opening up her home to host a shower, and I’m excited for her!

Well, I’ve got to run. I actually need to finish sewing on my dress for the shower and work on some table cloths!


Bentley is walking! YAY!

Bentley began walking steadily about two weeks ago. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Now that he can walk, I don’t have to pick him up very much! He likes to walk quickly and keep his arms close to his body (which I think is funny). I was amazed, when I caught him walking and drinking at the same time. He’s got talent!

Here is a video from last Sunday:


Bentley is 16 months today!! I can’t believe how quickly he is changing. He’s walking now, and thinks he’s pretty big stuff. It’s amazing how children catch on to every little thing that we do. Bentley loves to put his head down and laugh, just like Danny. Sadly, he keeps grunting and straining when he picks things up, like me (30 weeks pregnant!). He is a very busy boy! Very wiggly and active.

We bought him a pool with some birthday giftcards and have used it a lot. It’s on our back deck (so we aren’t killing any of our grass!) Bentley is learning how to enjoy it. The first time we used it the water was very cold and he was not impressed. But, now we go in the afternoon and the water is warmed by the sun and he has a lot more fun.

Bentley loves
– looking outside to find dogs and birds.
– when I bring him out to get the mail and daddy’s home. (strategic timing!)
– chips and snacks
– to point at everything
– press any type of button or knob
– when I sing “How Much is That Doggie?”
– bubbles
– to figure things out or how his toys work
– move chairs
– balloons

I love
– when he smiles and gives us kisses
– watching him sleep with his rear in the air
– how excited he gets when he sees a dog
– to watch him dance
– to hear him laugh
– how he loves to find his Dada
– his soft chubby cheeks
– when he blows me a kiss goodnight before I shut his door
– when he actually cuddles with me (rare!)
– the way he rubs his lip while sucking his thumb

He is a precious and sweet boy and we are so thankful that God has given him to us!