Yay! Bentley is one today!

Sorry everyone! It has been a crazy month. Between the three of us we have been sick about eight times and it isn’t over yet! I went to the doctor on Monday and am on antibiotics for bronchitis and I will be bringing Bentley to the doctor tomorrow since he woke up sick yesterday.

Well, I can’t believe it today our little boy is one! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Here are some of his favorite things to do:
1. Whine – he’s mastered this :)
2. Mimic us – coughing, sneezing, throwing up… really anything.
3. Eating, eating, eating. The boy can eat.
4. Getting excited when his Daddy comes home.
5. Playing with toys, usually not the way they were intended to be played with.
6. Growl like a lion, which he thinks is a dog.
7. Dogs – our neighbors dog barks a lot and as soon as Bentley hears her, he goes crazy saying, “dog, dog, dog” or he will do this if we see a dog in person or on tv.
8. Music – he loves to dance and can usually find the beat of the music.
9. Give us kisses – he likes to kiss us and he will rub my arm or belly, it’s very sweet.
10. Throw toys over his play yard fence or crib.
11. Waving – he’ll even wave with his thumb in his mouth.
12. Bathtime – he loves to splash around.
13. He LOVES to touch the emergency handle that hangs from the garage door opener.
14. Peek a boo is a favorite pastime

Overall, he’s been a great baby! We are so thankful that God spared he life and has allowed him to grow up and be such a wonderful addition to our family. Life is not the same with him, but we can’t imagine life without him. I can’t believe how different things are from last year at this time. I can honestly say that I am thankful for the suffering that we went through because God proved himself sovereign and faithful and has made us so grateful for the life that he has given to us. There is no other way to get through trials, but by the grace of God. We can say that with true conviction because we with out a doubt had God’s all suffient grace on us and were so thankful for it.

Bentley, Happy Birthdy! We love you so much and are so thankful to be celebrating your first birthday!!

What happens when he runs out of food:

His chompers:

Playing with his Daddy:



8 thoughts on “Yay! Bentley is one today!”

  1. Is it bad that I laughed when I saw the picture of him running out of food? :) Then I wanted to pinch his cheeks in the last picture of him in the tub. Happy Birthday Bentley!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy! We love you so much and echo with your mommy and daddy how grateful we are that God spared your life.p.s. He looks pretty sad about the no more food thing. :)

  3. Well, he was disciplined for his reaction to running out of a whole sweet potato for lunch, as a result this picture :) So really it’s his reaction to being disciplined.

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