Bentley’s first Christmas

Bentley is 10 months old and will be celebrating his first Christmas tomorrow night. A little early I know. He’s really excited about it…

We have been enjoying our Charlie Brown Christmas tree that Danny cut down at the end of the street. It has served it’s purpose very well and has grown on us. Bentley was very excited the first time he saw it. I got him up from his nap and when it saw it he said, “Ooowww,” with a big smile. He has even stuck his head through one of his presents!

I can’t wait for Bentley to see both sets of grandparents, friends and family. This will be our first Christmas back in FL since we have been married. It will be a great time, filled with many memories! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope that your holiday will be safe and that you will cherish the reason for this season!! Thank you Lord for sending your Son to save our lives!

Well, it will be interesting to see how Bentley handles opening presents. We’ll have pictures to share of that!!


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