Caviar d’escargot!

Today I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel. A favorite show of mine. I usally get grossed out, but I can handle it. Well, anyway today’s re-run was of foods of Paris. Of course the French love Escargot! That is one thing that I do like a lot. But, they recently came up with Snail Caviar. Andrew went to a farm were the snails make their eggs. Did you know that snails are both male and female and they swap each others eggs. I find that fascinating. Well, anyway this caviar is expensive. I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to try it. I’ve only had the fish eggs that are on sushi which I like because they are crunchy and don’t really have a taste. The other time was either at Danny and I’s engagement dinner or at the Biltmore Inn on our honeymoon. It was neat because they burst in your mouth, but they are a little fishy tasting and very salty. So, I’m not a true caviar fan, though I would be willing to at least try Caviar d’escargot. Ummm… all this talk of escargot make me want some of Cafe Margaux Escargot and Isreali Couscous! Too bad! They don’t serve it anymore, I’m way too far away and I can’t eat couscous!!


The Grandparents Are Here!

This past weekend Danny’s parents came to visit us. It was a long weekend full of fun! They arrived on Thurday and left early Monday morning. Thankfully, Bentley warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa pretty quickly. Friday, we brought them to Dupont State Park for a hike and to view some waterfalls, Pisgah National Forest for a picnic and we went to the Pisgah Wildlife Education Center to see the Fish Hatchery. We had a great time. The foliage was still really beautiful. We brought them to the places we found the weekend before. The hatchery was really neat. We just happended to make it there when they were feeding the fish. Boy! The trout went crazy! Saturday, we took it easy. Dad and Danny built a patio for a firepit and Mom took me shopping for Bentley. We found Bentley some cute clothes. I can’t wait for him to grow some more to fit in them!! Sunday we went to our church and had a lazy afternoon. We had a fire that night and was very toasty! Thank you Mom and Dad for a great weekend and blessing Bentley with new clothes and us with our fire pit! We love you guys and can’t wait to see you for Christmas! YAY!

Fun Weekend Memories.

Two weekends ago, Danny decided to take Bentley and me out for a picnic in the mountains. We had a wonderful time. The leaves were at their peak. We listened to oldies and christmas music the whole time with the windows cracked — it was too cold to have them all the way down! The day was beautiful. It was clear and cool, perfect weather for hiking and a picnic. We went to Dupont State Park, Pisgah National Forest, Downtown Brevard and Biltmore Village. It was so much fun to just hang around and have no real agenda, just do. Bentley is such a great traveler. He didn’t fuss at all until about 15 mins from home and we were out all day! I told Danny that evening that I love the mountains so much more than the beach. There is so much more to do and see. It even smells better, and I don’t find sand everywhere!