New Foods… for all of us!

Bentley tasted grapes for the first time and of course he loves them. I put them cut up in his mesh food ring and he squishes them up and gets grape juice everywhere! I also gave him baby food with chicken in it. He wasn’t a fan, so the next day I mixed the sweet potato and chicken with winter squash and he loved it. So far I haven’t found a veggie he doesn’t like!
The squishing face:

I made polenta for the first time with some of my homemade spaghetti sauce and Italian sausage. It was very good. It tastes like grits to me. I prepared them the same way grits are made, but then put it into custard cups and let them chill for an hour. Then I bake them for an hour. So the polenta mix came out molded and gooey with the Parmesan cheese and fresh basil I mixed in it.


2 thoughts on “New Foods… for all of us!”

  1. Remind me to give you the recipie my mom made this week. It was Chicken w/breadcrumbs…and it was gluten free!!! It was amazing. She also made another type of Gluten Free bread this week that was fantastic…my mom is just amazing!!!

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