New Foods… for all of us!

Bentley tasted grapes for the first time and of course he loves them. I put them cut up in his mesh food ring and he squishes them up and gets grape juice everywhere! I also gave him baby food with chicken in it. He wasn’t a fan, so the next day I mixed the sweet potato and chicken with winter squash and he loved it. So far I haven’t found a veggie he doesn’t like!
The squishing face:

I made polenta for the first time with some of my homemade spaghetti sauce and Italian sausage. It was very good. It tastes like grits to me. I prepared them the same way grits are made, but then put it into custard cups and let them chill for an hour. Then I bake them for an hour. So the polenta mix came out molded and gooey with the Parmesan cheese and fresh basil I mixed in it.


Thank goodness for hand-me-downs!

Now that it is getting chilly I realized that we didn’t have any winter clothes for Bentley. All his clothes are hand-me-downs from my cousin in FL — so no real winter clothes. A couple of Sundays ago, The Flanagans handed down some of their son’s clothes to Bentley. They are so cute — boy cute! The red hat is my favorite. Bentley looks so cute in it. He wasn’t so sure about the mittins. Thank you Flanagans for sharing your clothes with us!


Danny surprised me with a pumpkin last night. I was so surprised and excited. He knows how much I love pumpkins! He got it for us to carve together! It was so much fun. Bentley didn’t know what to think about it. It wasn’t too interested in it until I took him away from it. But he does that with most things! We had fun making a funny face for our pumpkin.

I did it!

Today was my 5K and I ran the whole race! My goal! I haven’t been able to run 3.1 miles since the first time I did it in my neighborhood because of time, weather, and sickness. So for only my second time ever it was a great race. Plus, I ran it a little more than 10 minutes faster! My time was 35.37 minutes, I was so excited to see that I had made it in the 30 minute mark. So from 46 minutes to 35.37 minutes that is pretty good. Now when I go back to running in my neighborhood, I’m going to feel so slow! Just kidding! I can’t wait to do my next race!

Poor Danny missed me twice. He thought I had already passed him on the course, and then he didn’t get to see me finish because he didn’t know where it finished! Oh well, next time!

I’m just thankful that God allowed me to complete the race. I had quite a few sickness and weather set backs, but he sustained me and I had a great time!

Plus, I had a great coach!

Thank you Johnsons!

Our friends recently gave us a Little People Zoo with three animals. Bentley has loved playing with this set of toys. It’s his favorite right now. Here are some pictures playing with it. And is new super yard. He has been crawling everywhere so now he is in one area. It’s funny; he crawls to the sides and whines and even licks the walls of the play yard. Overall he likes it!

A little worn out from all the fun!

So what’s new?

There isn’t too much going on around here lately. Bentley and I have been at home since Wednesday battling colds. We have a very busy month ahead of us so we need to make sure that we are completely over it! November was a busy month for us last year too. We had Danny’s parents in, then we went to Cherokee, and the next day my family arrived for Thanksgiving. Well, it’s happening again this year. Danny’s parents are coming in for a long weekend, then we are going to Tennessee for a week for Danny’s work, then my family is coming in for Thanksgiving! The month is going to fly by.

Other exciting news Bentley has got his first chompers. Almost two weeks ago now, his first tooth popped through, now he has a second one popping through. It looks funny. I tried to get a good picture but it was hard! Here is the best I got. He’s dirty because he just finished eating.

We are enjoying beautiful weather here. Yesterday, we sat out on the back porch doing a puzzle and Bentley playing in his super yard. We almost ate dinner out there but as the sun was setting the temperature was dropping fast. Today is blue sky and 60 degrees. It’s going to be so cold during the 5k, it’s at 9AM. At 9AM this morning in was 42 degrees out!!!

Here’s Bentley in his play yard:

Well, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day!

Oh, in cooking news I baked my first rolls and bread with rice, potato, tapioca flours. They were a little different in texture but didn’t taste too bad. Danny didn’t mind the texture. They were really dense. So, I’m going to have to try again soon!